Joe Piscopo, Soprano Star and Friends at Fresco in Montclair (Updated)

What were Joe Piscopo and Federico Castelluccio (a.k.a Furio from the Sopranos) doing on Church Street in Montclair last night?

(from l. to r.) Anthony Pope, Robert Porporino. Joe Piscopo, Franco Porporino and Federico Castellucio.
(from l. to r.) Anthony Pope, Robert Porporino. Joe Piscopo, Franco Porporino and Federico Castellucio.

Piscopo and Castellucio dropped by to celebrate the birthday of a good friend, attorney Anthony Pope of Newark and NYC. Pope is a business partner of Franco Porporino, who owns Fresco along with his brother Robert.

Porporino hosted the party at the restaurant and guests who came in off the street for dinner were surprised to see the celebs and even more surprised when Piscopo got up to serenade birthday boy Pope with a rendition of “My Way.”

Maybe they shouldn’t have been too surprised. When you walk into Fresco, the first thing you see are a row of photos featuring Porporino with different Hollywood A-lister friends, including Denzel Washington and Mickey Rourke.

dukeduchessframeCastelluccio gave Pope a present — a print of his painting of the Duke and Duchess of North Caldwell, Tony and Carmella Soprano. Besides acting, Castelluccio, who was born in Naples and grew up in Paterson, is an accomplished artist. Also at the party: Bernie Madoff’s former body guard Nicholas Casale.

We’re also hearing that the short film Keep Your Enemies Closer, directed by Castellucio, will be turned into a feature film.

So keep an eye out on Church Street (and yes, we’ve noticed some Maseratis and Lamborghinis of late).

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  1. I am certainly hoping for weekly Baristanet updates on the comings and goings of has-beens and D-list celebrities at this restaurant. It’s a convenient reminder to stay far away.

  2. I think I read that Joe Piscopo performing in the backroom of the Russian Hall in Little Falls. Who is next sighting Rex Smith? No wonder the Brooklyn hipsters are flocking here.

  3. Where’s Waldo? Dicky (sitting on a liquor license)Grabs leering in right between Tony & Bobby!

    Yeah, Mom, you can’t make this stuff up.

  4. I’ve heard more hype about the D-list celebrities then I have about the food. All this run of the mill PR is making me not want to visit.

  5. PAZ, it’s not bad at all. Frankly I am glad it’s raining today and supposed to rain tomorrow. I need a rest. Been burning the candle at both ends. And hanging out in this ghost town with you makes me nostalgic. How many weekends and late evenings have we kept one another company in this god forsaken place? A thousand? A billion?

  6. W….I’m back, was breaking gluten free bread with ma famille. the days of yore went fast beginning sometime during the early Bush Jr. years when posts kept hiccupping from impatiently hitting the submit comment button several times.

    When Laser Mikey and Cathar kept dueling about how things were better or would be better, couldn’t get any worse or all round stunk because the Republicrats were blundering idiots.

    Before B’net began adding towns and now soon it will cover the tri-state area.

    While we watched the demise of the Haynes building & the Marlborough Inn and the Garden State stuccoing of Montclair proper.

    And most of us are all still here!

    We are survivors full of bravado & faux joie de vivre, telling our opinionated stories in the face of all frustration and burning out our stress like the cracking plants down off the Turnpike in Elizabeth.

    iTunes a blazing while we type madly into the indigo madness of whatever home or hotel we’re temporarily camped out in. Thus we will go on into the ethernet, under porch, on rooftop, in basement.

    We will go on. Lux in tenebris!

  7. Ok, Roo?….I give up….Hope you’re not out getting beat down by the man.
    I’m bagging it for the evening, I got nightwatch on the wall. Cetch you all on the flipside.
    Don’t bother Carl, he’s too busy trying to beat the Gov. in a donut eating contest.

  8. Wow, one or two more shots of Joe Piscopo and D list actors and I’ll never step foot in this place. Joe Piscopo. Did anyone ever do so little with so little talent.

  9. I have it on good authority that Pia Zadora will be dining there on Saturday next.

    I’ll be there with my autograph book!

  10. I don,t know what you guys are talking about, that’s D listers if I ever seen it. Furio hasn’t had a job since the sopranos and Piscopo hasn’t done a thing in 50 years. He looks like he isn’t aging well either, he is starting to look like a shar-pei with all those wrinkles. But it makes a little sense. I saw his wife Kimberly (the one he wrote that song about) at Revel in AC in the summer. OMG she was trashed and screaming someone stole 10,000 dollars from her! It was comic relief that’s for sure. what a train wreck. Poor guy. Famous people problems. good luck and start the sopranos back up. peace and love.

  11. When I heard that Tiger Beat Magazine 1986 Star of Wise Guys, Jersey’s own Joe Piscopo was dining on Church St, I had to check it out. First, I stopped at Amani for some wine, then walked next door to the now defunct Arthur’s. I assumed that Fresco took over that space and was a bit confused. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly on Fresco:

    The Good: Food. I ordered a pizza that must have had MSG in it, because I have never been so addicted to an entree like this. Fresh ingredients (reminded me of Salute’) and the service was good. My Date had the Scallops and they were perfect.
    The Bad: It was loud in there. High School Gymnasium/cafeteria loud. Granted there were two large tables near us celebrating birthdays, but I think the acoustics need to be adjusted.
    The Ugly: There was an ugly man standing directly behind me. We figured he was looking for his friends, but after awhile I think he sneaked in to star gaze.
    I didn’t see any Lambos but there was a white mazzeratti in the parking deck. It was a newer model, so I doubt they were part of Piscopos entourage.

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