Montclair Police Blotter: Con/Burglary, Stolen Idling Car, Missing Ladders & More

Among the items on the Montclair crime report this week were the theft of an idling auto from a driveway while the owner went back inside to retrieve something; stolen ladders that had been chain locked to a backyard tree; possible shots fired; and a con artist burglary resulting in thousands of dollars in stolen jewelry. The following report was provided by Detective Lieutenant Angel L. Roman Jr., Detective Bureau Commander, Montclair Police Department.


On 02/12/2013, at 2140 hours, Officers responded to a Gray Street address on a report of suspicious activity. Officers met with the caller who stated she was sitting on her porch when she noticed an older looking white sedan approach one of her neighbor’s homes. Two adult males exited and entered the vehicle parked in the driveway several times and then jumped back in the sedan and sped off. The neighbor could not give a clear description on the actors because of the distance but believed they were black males. The owner of the late model charger met with the officers and showed them the vehicle. The trunk was open and the driver side door slightly ajar. Two 12inch speakers (1 Kenwood, 1 Sony) housed in a box were missing from the trunk. The dashboard had been pried open and the Kenwood stereo head unit missing. A Northface backpack was also stolen. Anyone with information contact Det. Turner at 973 509 4724.

On 02/14/2013, at 0633 hours, officers responded to a South Mountain address on a report of a stolen motor vehicle. The caller stated he stepped outside to warm up his wife’s blue 2012 BMW 528i. He placed a duffle bag containing his clothes in the trunk of the vehicle. He left the trunk open and went inside to retrieve a second bag. When he stepped back outside the vehicle was gone. Unknown on suspects or flight of vehicle.

On 02/16/2013 at 1414, officers responded to a Claremont Avenue address on a theft report. The homeowner stated to police that approx two weeks ago he secured three ladders (total value $650) to a tree in his back yard with a chain and lock. On this date he noticed the ladders gone and found the lock that was cut off on the ground near the tree.


On 02/14/2013 at 0955 hours, officers responded to the 400 block of Upper Mountain Avenue on a report of a burglary. Officers met with the homeowner who informed officers that she and her husband had been the victims of a con and burglary. She stated most of her valuable jewelry (rings) was stolen from a jewelry cabinet in her bedroom as well as an older model Sentry type safe which was bolted to the basement floor. The safe contained only legal documents and paper work. Officers observed drag marks on the basement floor in the area where the safe was kept. She went on to explained that on Feb. 13th at approx 1300 hours, a male and a female knocked on her door represented themselves as the company that had installed their roof ten years ago. The name of the company was Matheson Construction out of Little Falls, New Jersey. The party referred to her husband by his first name and claimed to have left a flyer on
the door a few days earlier. The male was described as white, light complexion, 5’08/5’09, 45-55 years of age, dark salt/pepper hair, wearing a dark jacket, jeans and a ball cap. He stated he was accompanied by his daughter who was described as white, fair skinned, 5’06/5’07, medium build, short dark brown hair, wearing a skirt and dark jacket with a cap. The male actor told them he was driving by the property and noticed some of the roof shingles had pealed back and in need of repair in order to prevent any damage from leaks. He stated he would need to go up on the roof to get a closer look but also needed to inspect the inside of the home for any leaks. The homeowner stated that they invited them inside and she ended up in the kitchen speaking to the female party while her husband showed the male actor around the home. This they believe was intended to separate and distract the couple as she was in the kitchen for about a half hour with the female. At some point the male actor asked her husband to wait inside on the first floor and watch for any leakage while he went on to the roof. After approx 20 min the actor returned and stated he was able to fix the few areas while he was on the roof and that no further repair would be needed. When the couple asked to pay with a check for the work the actor stated that he had their address and would send them a bill in the mail. The two actors left in a gray station wagon unknown make or model and the homeowner did not obtain a license plate. She noticed the jewelry missing this morning on the 14th when she went to put on her wedding band prior to heading out to do some food shopping. The following pieces of jewelry were missing:
-yellow gold ring w/ sapphire diamond
-platinum ring w/ pigeons blood ruby
-platinum 2ct engagement ring
– (2) Platinum wedding bands w/diamonds across the top
– Platinum 1.5 ct engagement ring
-yellow gold ring w Opal stone

Approx value of the jewelry roughly estimated at thousands. Anyone with information contact Det. Turner at 973 509 4724.

On 02/16/2013 at 1357 hours, officers responded to 190 Bloomfield Avenue on an activated burglar alarm. A witness reported observing a black male approx 6’1, thin build wearing blue jeans, a dark jacket and a blue knit cap attempt to break into the above address by kicking in the front door. The witness then watched the actor head east on Bloomfield Avenue and then south on Mission Street before losing sight of him. Officers searched the area for the actor described to no avail. The front door to the establishment had the window cracked the entire length of the door. The lower right portion of the door was separated from the door frame approx 6 to 8 inches however entry was not gained. Anyone with information contact Det. McCarthy at 973 509 4725.

On 02/16/2013 at 1414 hours, officers responded to the 200 block of 245 Lorraine Avenue of a report of graffiti. Officers were shown the rear and west sides of the building by the property owner where the word “TACKER” was spray painted in red. This occurred sometime over night.


On 02/14/2013 at 2104 hours, officers were dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy at 149 Claremont Avenue on the report of a shoplifting that had just occurred. The proceeds were several bottles of body wash lotion. Upon arriving officers were directed by the CVS shift supervisor toward a parked vehicle on the south side of the property where the actor was hiding behind. The actor was approached and found in possession of the body wash. Thirty four year old Dexter Jackson of Newark was placed under arrest for shoplifting. Bail was set at 1000 with a 10% option.

Possible Shots Fired:

On 02/15/2013 at 2222 hours, police responded to the area of 41 Mission Street on a report of shots fired and a possible disturbance. Officers arriving observed a large group near 41 Mission Street beginning to break up. Several witnesses stated to officers that they heard a loud popping sound but witnessed nothing else. One witness who wished to remain anonymous stated that a group of males in the area got into an argument when an unknown black male in dark clothing produced a handgun and fired it vertically into the air. The witness stated he was not sure if it was a real gun and that it could possibly have been a cap gun or similar imitation firearm. Mission Street was shut down at both ends and officers conducted a systematic search of the entire block from Bloomfield Avenue to Elmwood Avenue. The search encompassed rear yards and side passage ways. This search yielded negative results for any injured parties, firearms, shell casings or any signs of blood. Anyone with information contact Det. Cunningham at 973 509 4716.


On 02/16/2013 at 0635 hours, officers responded to the 7 Eleven located at 15 Bloomfield Avenue on the report of a robbery. Officer were informed by the store clerk that at approx 0630 hours a white male came into the store, walked around for a bit but did not picking out any items. The actor then approached him at the register and requested several scratch of tickets totaling $120.00. When he asked the suspect for payment the white male raised his shirt and exposed the handle of an object in his waistband. The clerk believed it was a large knife. The actor stated something about not needing to pay and left the store in an unknown direction. The suspect is described as a white male wearing sunglass, no facial hair, wearing a white wool cap, white coat with a hood covering his head, and appeared to be in his early twenties, approx. 5’10’’, and thin build.

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