Montclair Police Release Photo of Wanted Suspect William Barba

The Montclair Police Department has released a photo of William Barba, 22, the suspect wanted in connection with an incident of eluding police, criminal mischief and motor vehicle infractions on February 21. A judge has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Barba - wanted - mpd feb 28 2013

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  1. Booking department needs to shoot their mug shots with something other than and ultrawide angle. In real life, this guy likely doesn’t look like this, and if the public is supposed to recognize him, an accurate picture might be the goal. For example, I’m guessing he has ears and a brain cavity. Brains may be another matter.

  2. No reason to think this is a mug shot, given this guy hasn’t yet been arrested (at least, not on these charges). Could be he posts this on to attract those many gals who specify tall, dark and dreadlocked with no ears and a steely don’t-give-a-damn-about-anything gaze.

  3. go to mugshotworld(dot)com and you will find 2 very clear photos of Mr. Barba, one of which is from Feb 5, 2013.

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