Passaic Valley High School’s Principal May Start Carrying a Gun

<img class="alignleft wp-image-51744" alt="guns in schools" src="×215.png" width="315" height="194" /Update: The Record reports that the school board approved the policy 8-0 on a first vote.

On the agenda for Passaic Valley High School’s Board of Education meeting tonight, is the introduction and discussion of a new “Crisis Response” policy, which would allow the principal of the high school to carry a handgun.

According to this article on, “Raymond Rotella, a career cop and former school resource officer, may become North Jersey’s first school administrator to pack a pistol when he enters Passaic Valley High School each day.” The superintendent of schools says that in this unique situation, having a principal who is trained to use a firearm, makes this a special opportunity for the regional high school located in Little Falls and comprised of the communities of Little Falls, Totowa Borough and Woodland Park.

After the killing of 26 people, 20 of them children, at Newtown Elementary School in Connecticut, some feel that having armed staff at schools will make it safer for their children.

How do you feel? Do you think having administrators and/or teachers carry guns at school would make it safer or more dangerous for your children? Take our poll:

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  1. Shameful. Guns do not belong in schools. Ever. Not teachers, not students, not admins. This is the worst idea. I also hope they vote against it.

  2. “Raymond Rotella, a career cop and former school resource officer”. Couldn’t think of a better person to pack and protect our children. I went to a HS where there were 2 policeman walking the halls everyday and they had guns. Nobody cared and it was no big deal.