State Police to Hold Off on Helipad for Now, Says Bloomfield Administrator

20130211_190819Bloomfield Township Administrator Ted Ehrenburg reported at last night’s council conference meeting that state officials had agreed to hold off on including a helipad as part of the construction of new State Police barracks on the Garden State Parkway.

The current NJ State Police barracks, which serve as headquarters for Troop D of the State Police, are located directly before Exit 153 on the northbound side of the Garden State Parkway. The original plan was to build a new barracks complex at the location, which would include a helipad, and then tear down the existing barracks once the new complex is complete.

The project was discussed during public comment at last Monday’s council meeting. Lindbergh Boulevard resident Ed Brasseur, whose street backs up to the location of the project, questioned the council regarding possible noise and vibration that could result from helicopters taking off and landing so close to the neighborhood’s back yards. Township Administrator Ehrenburg and Mayor McCarthy said that township officials had not been notified of the project ahead of time by the state, and promised to look into it and provide further information to the public.

Last evening Ehrenburg reported that Bloomfield Community Development Director Glenn Domenick had met with state officials and that they had put plans for the helipad on hold for now. He said the officials understood the concerns of the neighbors and agreed to work with the township to ensure the adjacent neighborhood does not experience disruption. Ehrenburg said he would have more information about the future location of the helipad by the end of the month.

The council adjourned to go into closed session after the short meeting. Councilmen Hamilton and Bernard were absent and several agenda items were tabled. Next week’s regular council meeting will be held in the council chambers at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, as Monday is a holiday.

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  1. Thanks to Ed Brasseur for bringing this up. Ehrenburg said that the town had been receiving phone calls from residents who live within 200 feet and who had been notifies- and yet-IT WAS NOT PLACED ON THE TOWN COUNCIL AGENDA.

  2. This still does not address the neighbor complaints concerning noise and light pollution, traffic issues on West Passaic and the loss of property values.

    This building will be less than 250 feet away from many homes as well as parking and fueling for 80 cars.

  3. I see two solutions: put the helipad on top of the new redevelopment in Bloomfield Center – I doubt the top level of parking will be used, OR, put the helipad on the Bloomfield College campus – problem solved!

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