Super Bowl 2013: Who Will Win?

Superbowl 2013It’s Super Bowl Sunday — are you ready to get your game on? Make your predictions, then tell us what you’ve got planned for the big game…

Photo: The Little Daisy Bake Shop

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  1. I saw the picture of the cookies and was wondering what was going on. I will be watching Downton tonight hoping for a better happier show than last week. No game for me this year.

  2. I’m going to record the game and watch it later in 30 mins, fast forwarding through the commercials. Then my wife will watch the commercials, fast forwarding through the play.

  3. Wasn’t she just the cutest? I loved it when she scored the touchdown and then they edited all the boys kissing her.

  4. Hindsight a beautiful thing herb, but a more valid prediction if posted “before” kickoff, as mine was at 4:46 pm yesterday.

    Politics behind us, I’m glad your team won.

  5. I’m simply happy, whoever gets into the Super Bowl, that the prime ass Jerry Jones doesn’t see his team there. Long may this trend continue.

    Really, can anyone imagine how unbearable the guy would be if his team ever actually does make it to the final game?

  6. Screw the superbowl. I went out to dinner with my s/o and then watched family guy reruns. So much better than sitting in a hot, crowded house while some morbidly obese man that I don’t know sitting next to me chugs beer and then throws up all over the carpet.

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