Holly’s Year of Cocktails 2

ntcopen2And so another year of cocktails has come and gone and, gin-around-the-rosies, you people are unstoppable. When super storm Sandy came and went did that hold you up from naming those cocktails? NO! Did a knockdown mud slinging (mud wrestling would have been more fun) election stop you? Not even for a second. Did a new waxing salon (MEOW) opening slow you down? Maybe just for a quick wax on, wax off, Hello Kitty, but only for a second!

Right. My point is you guys are GOOD! Damn good.

So for all of you who have helped make these post so much fun to write, please keep it coming! Below are the fermented and distilled fruits of our combined work from 2012-2013.

Peachy Perfect
Peachy Perfect

Name That Spring CocktailAprilcot

Name That Cinco de Film Festival Cocktail- Tequilling Me Softly

Name that Farmer’s Market CocktailThere were too many great names to choose from. Here are my favorites: Rhuby Slipper, Rhu the Day, The Stalk Market, Do I aRhuse You?, RhuBabe, Rhu of Sunshine, Stalk is Cheap

Name That Lime in the Coconut Cocktail– If this was a funniest quote contest, Jimmytown would have won with, Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my wine glass… I think its empty
Best names: Coco Recall and Rum and Coc

Bartletts & Jaymes
Bartletts & Jaymes

Name That Iced Coffee Cocktail
A Joe Momma and Fro-Joe

Name That Grilled Peach-Sea-Salt-Caramel CocktailPeachy Perfect.

Name That Spiced Pear Cocktail- Bartletts & Jaymes

Name That Dia de los Muertos Cocktail-  Dead Head

Name That Naughty and Nice Cocktail: The Nice- Kumquat, Come All
Name That Naughty or Nice Cocktail: The Naughty-  Little Black Chambord

Kumquat, Come All
Kumquat, Come All

Name That Rose Tinted Valentines’s Day Cocktail- Gin around the Rosie and Gins and Roses

My personal favorite cocktails were the Aprilcot and the Gin around the Rosie. Light to the point and refreshing. My favorite names were Kumquat, Come All; Tequilling Me Softly and Aprilcot.

Tell us what were your favorite names and or what was the most appealing looking or tasting cocktail to you from year 2?

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