After Battling Her Son’s Leukemia, Montclair Mom Veena Chauhan Needs Your Help To Kickstart Her Clothing Line

Veena ChauchanMontclair mom Veena Chauhan dreams of starting her own clothing line called Tau VC. She’s got a beautiful video posted on Kickstarter where she is trying to raise the funds to get her business of the ground (see the link at the bottom of the story). Veena has beaten incredible odds–her young son was diagnosed with leukemia and Asperger syndrome. She was set back, but she persevered. (See mom and son at left.) Here is her family’s incredible story in Veena’s words:

IMG_0001“I started a line of clothing in fall of 2011, not knowing anything about the fashion industry. I self-taught everything from scratch. Come January of 2012, right when I am ready to take off to meet investors, my son was diagnosed with leukemia. My whole life collapsed, yet I had a new determination to fight. To fight for my son and for myself. I looked up to the sky and said, ‘You are not going to do this to me, and you are going to give my son back ,and you are going to give me a better purpose in life.’ Prior to starting my business, my family had gone through a arduous journey emotionally and just come out of it. We were just seeing a glimpse of light. Then darkness hit us again. On a piece of paper, I wrote the following things I needed to accomplish before I die: I want to be a philanthropist, educator, pioneer and a business woman. In order to do this, I need to be successful and the only way is do this is to find something that I am good at. I want to bring manufacturing back to the Newark area with my company. And I would like to re-do the anesthesia rooms for the children, and they spend countless times getting their spinal tap week after week. I would like to re-do it and make it look like a happy, heavenly place where the angels take care of them. I can only imagine the agony the kids go through each time. I need God’s help. I prayed diligently everyday for one to two hours asking for it.

After Aryaan got diagnosed, I became a new person with a new determination. There were days when I was thinking I going to lose my baby, lose everything. Then, I would pray fervently and believe in myself and the power of the universe and said, ‘No! I will fight this battle.’ I carried my work with me every day for 12 months but during the first 9 months, I just stared at it afraid to pick it up. But as I sat among the cancer patients and saw the fervor and determination in them, I said to myself, “If they can do it, so can I.” I could not sketch very well. I drew my first sketch sitting at the hospital. Sitting next to Aryaan at home, I drew another sketch and another. When I started putting color illustrations to them, they took me into another world and there was a miraculous, divine intervention that was guiding me and teaching me. Today, I have more than 300 color illustrations, two top-quality couture samples, the best consultants and a launch date for my pre-resort collection in June 2013. I have the support of God, the Universe, a few dear friends and my husband–my mentor, my best friend, my love, my pillar–and the people at Valerie Center at Morristown Medical Center.

My son, now 6 and a half, is cancer-free and will be officially cancer free on June 4, 2015.”

Check out Veena’s Tau VC Attainable Couture Kickstarter video and check out her event:

Tau VC’s Fashion Showcase and Fundraiser
Who: All ages
What: A wine and cheese showcase of Veena’s two samples, her illustrations for her resort collection and her Kickstarter video
Where: Glen Ridge Train Station
228 Ridgewood Ave.
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
When: Thursday, March 21 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Cost: Free–for more info contact Veena via email or (973)-748-2924

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