Ask Holly: Everything Carrots for Easter

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When I was a kid, you didn’t eat a carrot without putting the end in the side of your mouth and saying, “Ehhhh—What’s up doc?” It’s tragic that kids today don’t even know who Bugs Bunny is. For Easter this year, in a nod to my favorite bunny—Bugs—I decided to go carrot crazy!

Here are three simple projects that would be cute as part of any Easter celebration or would also work for a bunny themed party. So here we go ,”Yoiks!, and Away!”


Carrot Table settings:

  • Green plastic forks, knives and spoons
  • Large orange napkins
  • Green curling ribbon
  • Scissors

Lay the napkins with the finished edges pointing away from you. Fold down the top two layers halfway and them fold down the next two layers a quarter of the way. Now tuck your plastic wear in the middle of the napkin pocket you have created. Fold the one side over and them the other. Tie  with a bow using with green ribbon and curl the ends. NOTE: Do not tie the ribbon in a knot as people will then require scissors to get the thing open.

Making the carrot napkins


carrots easter eggsCarrot Easter Eggs:

  • Orange plastic eggs
  • Green felt
  • Scissors- pinking shears if you have them
  • White glue or hot glue

Cut out strips from your green felt about 1/4″ wide x 2-3″ long. Gather one end of about 4 strips and glue together and then glue onto the top of  your egg. Fill them with candy and or silly phases from Looney Tunes and make a game to see if who can match the quote to the episode.

Making the carrot eggs

Carrot Door Swag (in top photo):

  • Orange felt
  • Green felt
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Cotton or poly batting (stuffing)
  • Green raffia or ribbon
  • Green ric- rack
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • White fabric paint (I used puffy paint)

Step One: To make the carrot using orange felt cut out a triangle that is about 6″-12″ on the bottom 12″-18″″ on the 90 degree side.  Glue the tip of your carrot holding it together while it dries. Glue up the angled side of your carrot and roll the felt over making a cone shape  to meet the glue. Let dry.  Cut off any excess felt. Using stuffing  take a skewer and lightly stuff the end of the  carrot. Use your hand to stuff the rest. When your carrot is full, glue the inner edges of the bottom and fold them inward toward the middle, like a present, top and bottom first and then the sides, to finish.

Making the carrot swag
Making the carrot swag

Step Two: If you would like a polka dot pattern use the end of a new pencil eraser dipped in fabric paint to make the big dots. Squeeze a small amount of paint out of the tube and dot on your carrot for the small dots. Click here for more instructions. Let paint dry.

Step Three: Using a pencil or a piece of chalk trace out your carrot leaf shape. Cut out shape and glue a green pipe cleaner in the middle of each leaf.

Step Four: When the carrots are dry glue tuck the bottom side of the leaves into the top of the carrot and glue in place. When the glue is dry gather your carrots by the greens and tie with ribbon or raffia and then with rick rack.


Looking for more ideas?

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Felt and ric-rack available at I’ve Got a Notion or Joann Fabric and Crafts
Napkins, plastic wear and ribbon available at most large party stores.
All other supplies available at A.C. Moore  or Michaels

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