Ask Holly: Everything Rainbow Birthday Party

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Who doesn’t love a rainbow? Hearts with rainbow stripes,  duct tape printed with peace signs and rainbows,  rainbow trout, and now you can even buy roses dyed in rainbow colors. It is a new day. A magic rainbow striped  Zippity-do-da kinda day. Proof that kids like anything better when paired with a rainbow.

rainbow1In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and my favorite thing about leprechauns—that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—I bring you all things rainbow. A collection of ideas to use for a quick craft or activity or a Rainbow-themed birthday party inspired by a Rainbow Fairy party my neighbor Sam threw her daughter last year.

rainbow2Decorations or activities:

  • Rainbow steamers
  • Lay out fruit in rainbow colors
  • Bake rainbow colored cake mix into cup cakes
  • String up the balloons in ROYGBV order
  • Rainbow colored manicures
  • Get a rainbow glitter tattoo kit
  • If you have a Mac let the kids take pictures of themselves in Photo Booth in the pop art or glow effects. Print out the photos for a party favor
  • Order rainbow colored roses for the table or for each child to take home
  • Rainbow duct tape for all kinds of crafts click here, here and here.



As long as you can find it in multi-colors you can make a rainbow. This would work for a Wizard of Oz party theme as well. If the kids get sassy with you just explain to them that birds can’t really fly over the rainbow because is it actually just mist. Now the dreams that they really dare to dream—you have  just crushed.

Rainbow colored roses available at Buds for You.

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

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