Getting Your Green On: St. Patrick’s Day Guide

st. p ru open I enjoy a barley soda just as much as the next person, but I am not a big fan of the parades that involve freezing off my lucky charms. The idea of frosting my tail  outside and then sloshing my way through a beer-coated floor and scores of people just to get my hands on a pint — well, no thanks.  I have a fridge full o’ beer right here in my nice warm home, thank you very much.

Just because some of the parades are over, the celebrating o’ the green is not over. Gosh and begorrah no and for the sake of everything green with four leaves the big day is not even here yet. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this Sunday.

Mr. Lucky in a field of clover at ShopRite
Mr. Lucky in a field of clover at ShopRite

Here are some great ideas to help put that shake back in your shamrock:

Booze-The local wine and spirit stores have set up displays this weekend featuring Irish beer, Irish cream and Irish Whiskeys. Bottle King had some lovely Innis and Gun Irish whiskey cask dark aged beer.

Irish beer soup
Irish beer soup

If you are looking for special Irish cheeses try:

  • Kings
  • Bottle King
  • Fairway
St. Patrick's sweets from Little Daisy Bake Shop
St. Patrick’s sweets from Little Daisy Bake Shop

Irish soda bread, Irish potatoes and beautifully decorated cookies



Decorations from Accents with Flowers
Decorations from Accents with Flowers

Clover plants, green flowers and rainbow roses-

Clothing, decorations and decorations-
Click here for the full round up of stores and for anything quick and green try:

Rainbow roses from Buds For You
Rainbow roses from Buds For You

Looking for a great recipe? Try Irish beer soup and wash it down with a Four leaved Cocktail. If you are feeling crafty trying making these leprechaun hats to wear or from flower pots.

How are you shaking your shamrock this weekend? Planning on chugging pints while wearing your giant green beer shaped hat or sipping a whiskey by the fire while watching The Quiet Man?


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  1. Made the mistake of driving down Eagle Rock onto Main St. Yesterday right after W.O. Paddy’s day parade….Never do that again. Drunken peeps drinking on the street, throwing up at the curb and litter everywhere, beer cans, bottles even on school property!. They should stop calling it St. Patrick’s day, it’s a mockery of a good Saint. Just shorten it to Paddy’s day, leave the poor St. out of it.

  2. @paz. I can’t wait to read your next rascist screed about the Montclair African Heritage Parade and Festival.

  3. Not too sure what you’re talking about here, sheep, but PAZ posted a view above yours that did not attribute any racial or ethnic characteristics to the revelers. Maybe you were one of them? ( PS, work on the correct spelling of racist….you might sound a bit more credible next time if you decide to spell it correctly )

  4. Why?…..Will there be a lot of drunks? Sorry if you can’t handle reality…AND what did that have to do with racism? Young people getting drunk in broad daylight? Man, are you out of line.

  5. Make sure to check out the Irish Soda Bread at Montclair Bread Company. Head baker/owner Rachel follow’s her mother-in-law’s recipe. I’m sure most folks already know this but just in case you didn’t, Rachel’s husband Kevin came to the U.S. from Ireland in the 90’s.

  6. We attended the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in West Orange as we do every year, and it was a great day – beautiful weather, lots of great pipers, and a good time was had by all. After a brief break we sojourned over to the Shillelagh Club for a grand time listening to Paddy and the Paleboys, a great Irish pub band that plays there every year after the parade. I saw no drunks throwing up or anything like that – it was all good fun, and little kids were dancing Irish dances in front of the band. I realize there are always a few bad apples but the West Orange parade is a great tradition and enjoyed by the whole community.

  7. I’ve had to miss the last two W.O. parades but hope to be back next year. I agree with mimi that it’s always a great day.

  8. Same here, Nellie, this year, we had a race down in the Highland Park area, and by the time we go back, it was too late. Bummer. Also, the NYC parade is on a Sunday this year, which is also Tom’s grandson’s birthday, so we are celebrating that, of course. I will be wearin’ the green, however, and getting my Guinness on.

  9. The blatant use of this child to promote the author’s career, which apparently is devoted to glamorizing drunkenness and excess and wantonness, is offensive in the extreme. And besides, I have yet to receive an invitation to the party. Harumph!

  10. During New York City’s “St. Patrick’s Day” parade there aren’t many places where a pedestrian can legally cross Fifth Avenue. One of them is at 72nd Street. Crossing there several years ago, I paused to look down the sloping avenue at the sea of revelers and the parade itself. If you ever find yourself there, make sure you have a camera handy. It’s a million dollar shot.

  11. In the early 90’s, after having played in or roadied for Irish Bands for 20 years or so in Boston, I put my guitar back in the case and said the Galeic equivalent of “No Mas!” A year or so later I found myself in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The nearest Irish Pub (and it was a fooken Houlihan’s) was 95 miles away in Tulsa. The next year, I scheduled a flight back to Boston in Mid-March. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…

  12. I’ll be celebrating Sunday at Westy’s Pub in North Wildwood. They make a special drink on St. Patrick’s Day called a Durty Nelllie. I can’t resist that one.

  13. Roo- This is where Kay is suppose to step in and tell me how adorable my kid is, which btw none of you have done, but I think she is too busy planning here 5 story addition to her house.

    Did anyone else notice how happy Mr. Lucky is in that sea of clover? Name that photo.

  14. Nellie — you need to git yerself to San Antonio, Texas, and wander around the Riverwalk near the Hyatt (across from the Alamo). There is an entire BAR there called Durty Nellies!

    There is now also a Durty Nellies in Boston — owned by me old buddy John Somers. (But I much prefer his Green Dragon just off Fanueil Hall. It sits on the spot of a previous tavern where the Revolutionary War was planned.)

  15. OMG Holly!!!! You have no idea how many times in the last 24 hours I have looked at his adorable face on the home page and thought ISN’T he the most cutest little guy EVER! Plus, he obviously has a great personality, just look at that cheeky expression!! A born Ham!! xoxoxox

    But of course, you knew that during the past few hours I was busily planning my illegal boarder apartment over the garage. I am thinking I’ll put my teenager there after she graduates HS so that she can attend MSU (which isn’t really that much of a bargain anymore) and still feel like she’s “away” at school. I will also need to supplement my income in order to afford college by installing that Roberto’s at the bottom of my driveway so I’ve been working on site plans for that too. (I considered a Fotomat, but with the advent of this new-fangled digital photography thing, I doubt it would be profitable…)

  16. @PAZ-Welcome to a typical weekend in any Irish town. The drunkenness is about the only accurate depiction of Irish life actually. Most notions of St. Patrick are derived from very poor translations anyway, so who cares about his fabricated reputation?

    Very cute article though 🙂

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