GLAM It Up: Glenridge Avenue Merchants Organize To Beautify District

glam glen ridge avenue
Glenridge Avenue in Montclair

Pop quiz time. What us GLAM?

  • A shortened form of the word “glamour.”
  • An acronym for the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums industry sector.
  • A style of music developed in the UK in the early 1970’s, led by David Bowie.
  • The Glenridge Avenue Merchants.

Answer: All of the above!

You heard it here first. The shop owners along Glenridge Avenue have united to form GLAM, an organization created to beautify and bring attention to the area, which runs from Salute Brick Oven Bistro to Jerry’s Antiques and Estates.

Suzanne O’Connor of The Art Garage and StudioKids Art is spearheading GLAM’s efforts to improve the parking, lighting, plantings and signage on Glenridge Avenue. She has already held a couple of meetings with her business neighbors, Frank DiFilia of Blue Suede Shoes, Maureen O’Brien of Makeready Press Gallery, Charlie Potters of Blowout Gallery, and Josh Kutchai from Tutor Shack.

O’Connor says she began thinking of forming a group after attending a free seminar on business branding, organized by Luther Flurry of the Montclair Center Business Improvement District (BID). “I was inspired to get on the phone and start calling up nearby merchants the day after Luther’s webinar in February,” says o’Connor. “We have so many great shops here, and more people need to know about it.”

The GLAM plan is to make the area brighter, greener and more appealing before Montclair’s next “Art Walk” in May.


  1. They ought to run the GLAM east to the tracks. I think the ramshackle Dominoes and the deli could use a little more glamour and a little less vinyl.

  2. There are so many permit parking spots in the GR Av lot. Is there some way to free them up on weeknites & weekends for people who want to go to the restaurants & galleries (both of which are excellent). The vetenary office seems to have alot of spots but the lot is chained. Can he be persuaded to offer parking after hours for a few dollars per car?I feel bad for the homeowners on Forrest who must contend with thoughtless driveway blockers & noisy late night restaurant patrons(and headlights, loud radios, horns, auto alarms, etc)

  3. Right, take this all the way down to the liquor store and GLAM up the criminals leaning in a dope fiend haze at Pine & Glenridge.

  4. oliveoyle — the parking lot is owned by Chase bank. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 15 years and have never seen more than 1 or 2 cars in it, ever! Thanks for the sympathy for homeowners on Forest. It is very bad at night and on the weekends — driveways are difficult to get out of, there is no parking for our visitors and a fair amount of noise and trash. Hopefully this new initiative will do what it can to encourage their patrons to be better citizens when they visit the area.

  5. Tried to park in that public lot yesterday to pick up some meds for my cat….No spaces available and half the lot is permit parking. Time to build a deck there, don’t ya think?

  6. Just an FYI- The permit spots in the lot on Glenridge Ave. are okay to use by anyone after 7:00 pm til,(not sure) but definately during dining hours!!! The signage is a bit confusing but it is marked.

  7. I was sitting at the light on Pine and Glen Ridge Avenue just a week ago, looking up and noticing how most of the buildings (with the exception of Crowd Around Deli & Dominos) on the northeastern end of the street still have their decorative masonery work on the second story cornices, each one different from the next. I had also just been in downtown Paterson and marveled at the architecture still intact there. And I was thinking how comforting and familiar it was to see these preserved pieces of architecture, from a time when small scale merchants took pride in their little buildings and built them with long-lasting embellishments. You don’t see this in California, or the southwest, or most of Florida; they’re newer. And I thought about how Bloomfield is turning the entire block at Broad & Liberty Street into another pink stucco sterile box, just as Monctclair has done with the Sienna and proposes to do further up Bloomfield Avenue. We should all make an effort to preserve these neighborhoods. Once replaced with typical developer cheese, they will never come back.

  8. Sorry Wendy, that doesn’t help the daytrippers find parking in that area, not everyone does “Nighthawks at the diner”. Shopkeepers lose customers when the parking is limited and peeps like myself get a spur of the moment idea for a purchase but realize I ain’t got no quarters in my pocket.
    The top Glen Ridge Ave. is a weak spot for quickee parking.


    Next Saturday (May 4th) along Glenridge Avenue in Montclair, a STREET FAIR filled with fun and fashion, sponsored by GLAM (Glenridge Avenue Merchants) – all kinds of cool stuff and activities. Come one, come all and join us for a day of smiles and sunshine!

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