In-Store Math and Shopping Challenge Teaches Bloomfield Kids How to “ShopRite”

A 4th grade militia of mini math students from Brookdale Elementary School on Bloomfield swarmed Brookdale ShopRite this morning, on a recon mission to apply their math skills in a field of food shopping. Each team, identified by orange tee shirts, followed orders to complete math challenges at 14 stations strategically placed among the aisles of groceries.  The 14 skill games targeted the kids’ mastery of fractions, decimals and percentages, and geometry.

After completing the 14 math stations, students went on to complete their mission: using $100 (and not a penny over!) to purchase healthy groceries from all the major food groups showing their understanding of good nutrition.

This program, planned and executed by Howard Herbert, founder of  Five times a year, Bloomfield students visit Brookdale ShopRite to apply their math skills in the real world.

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