Montclair Police Blotter: Burglaries, Arrests, And Stolen Tools, Laptop, Purse, Bike, Baby Formula

This week’s police blotter from DLt. Angel Roman of the Montclair Police Department:



  • On 02/26/13 at 0857 hours, Officers responded to the 100 block of Llewellyn Road on the report of a burglary. Upon arrival Officers spoke with the homeowner. The homeowner stated that the house was entered by force through the rear basement door. Stolen from the house were a Cannondale Bicycle, Husky Shop Vac and multiple hand tools totaling $2150.00. Anyone having information regarding this incident can contact Det. Degrazio at 973-509-4717.


  • On 02/26/13 at 1022 hours, Officers responded to the 70 block of Upper Mountain Avenue on a burglary in progress call. Upon arrival Officers spoke with the homeowner. The homeowner reported that while she was in her bedroom the door opened and the actor walked in. Once confronted the actor ran out of the residence. The actor was described as 8-25 years of age, Hispanic male, thin build, between 5’09 an 5’11, wearing dark blue or black jeans and a light colored sweatshirt. Officers canvassed the area for the actor but were unable to locate any suspects. At this time nothing appears to have been stolen. Anyone having information regarding this incident can contact Det. McCarthy at 973-509-4725.




  • On 03/02/2013 at approximately 0401 hours officers responded to Montville Police Department on a prisoner pick up.  The prisoner was identified as Mr. Darryl Brandon, a 33 year old Montclair man, who currently has an outstanding warrant out of our jurisdiction in the amount of $1,000.  Mr. Brandon also has an outstanding warrant out of the City of Newark in the amount of $100.00.  Mr. Brandon failed to pay fines associated with a DWI charge in November of 2011.



  • On 03/02/2013 at 1545 hours, Officers responded to 35 Lackawanna Plaza. (Pathmark) for a male being held by security for shoplifting.


Upon our arrival into the Pathmark security office, I met with the Security Director and Pathmark’s Store Manager, who had detained Marc Volpe, a 35 year old Hainesport NJ man in the security office until our arrival.  Mr. Volpe placed a large amount of baby formula into a basket and attempted to exit the store.  Store Security was able to stop Mr. Volpe from fleeing the store through the back door. Volpe was found to have the following in his possession.


  • 8 bottles of Enfamil powder – valued at $26.99 a piece – totaling $215.92


Prior to performing a search incident to arrest, Mr. Volpe indicated that he had a syringe in his jacket used for heroine. After securing his jacket, Mr. Volpe was searched and placed into the back of car 211 and transported to headquarters without incident.    While performing an inventory of Volpe’s property, officers found several small clear zip lock baggies in the back right pocket of his jeans along with glassine envelopes with heroine residue on them.  Mr. Volpe’s jacket contained 1 complete syringe rolled up in tissue paper.  The syringe, glassine envelopes and baggies were logged into evidence and turned over to the narcotics bureau.  Mr. Volpe was charged with 2C:36-6 (Poss / hypo syringe) and 2C:20-11b(2) (shoplifting).  Mr. Volpe has a Warrant (E12-1817) from Glenridge for $279 and Warrant (S 2012-000160) from Delran NJ for $5000.00. Bail was set on Volpe at $2500.






  • On 02/27/13 at 1314 hours, Officers responded to the 70 block of No. Mountain Avenue on a report of a theft that had occurred. Upon arrival Officers spoke with the homeowner. The homeowner reported that he has had numerous contractors in the house recently and on this date his laptop was discovered missing. The laptop was described as a Silver Apple Macbook Pro, valued at $3700.00. Anyone having information regarding this incident can contact Det. Anderson at 973-509-4706.


  • On 02/28/13 at 1222 hours, Officers took a report at headquarters regarding a theft that had occurred. Officers spoke with the victim who reported that earlier in the day when she arrived at work, she placed her purse on the ground next to her car. The victim then stated that she entered her office building forgetting her purse outside. The victim stated that when she went outside to get her purse it was stolen. The black leather purse and contents were valued at $850.00


  • On 03/03/2013 at approximately 1057 hours, Officers were dispatched to 205 Claremont Avenue (rear parking lot) on the report of a damaged vehicle.  Upon our arrival, I met with the reporting party. The reporting party stated that she parked her vehicle (2000 Oldsmobile Alero, silver in color,) in the rear parking lot at 205 Claremont Avenue at approximately 1600 hours on 03/02/2013.  When she returned to her vehicle at approximately 1057 hours on 03/03/2013, she observed the vehicle to be damaged.


  • The following damage was observed
  1. Damaged front driver side door lock
  2. Ignition punctured and removed


The vehicle inventoried and there were no items missing.


  • On 03/03/13 at approximately 1753 hours, Officers were dispatched to the lobby of police headquarters for a report of a theft from a motor vehicle.  Upon arrival the officer met with the caller, who advised him that items had been stolen from his work van.  The caller directed me outside of headquarters where he had parked a 2000 GMC work van owned by Kitchen and Bath Enterprises, Inc.  The caller stated that he was an employee of Kitchen and Bath Enterprises, and that the vehicle is equipped with a variety of work tools that he personally owns.  He stated that on Friday March 1, 2013 he had dropped the van off at Park Street Automotive for maintenance.  He stated that on Saturday March 2, 2013 at 1410 hours, he received a call from an employee of Park Street Automotive advising him that the vehicle was ready for pickup.  They reported to him that the van would be left outside in front of the building with the keys hidden inside.


  • The employee stated that he obtained a ride to Park Street Automotive on the date of this report and picked up the van at 1645 hours.  He stated that he drove home, and when parking realized that the back window had been broken out.  Further inspection would reveal that many tools were missing from the back of the van.  The caller stated that he only entered and exited the van through the driver’s side door of the vehicle.  A visual inspection of the van showed a broken rear window in the passenger side rear access door.


Below is a list of tools reported stolen:


                                                                                                                                                                                                Item                                                                            Approximate Value

(1) Dewalt Table Saw                                                                     $500.00

(1) Dewalt Chop Saw                                                                     $500.00

(1) Dewalt Air Compressor                                                                       $500.00

(1) Paslode Frame Nail Gun                                                         $400.00

(1) Paslode Trim Nail Gun                                                                        $400.00

(1) Milwaukee Circular Saw                                                          $300.00

(2) Milwaukee Sawzall                                                                    $400.00 ($200.00/each)

(1) Dewalt 18v XRP Drill                                                                 $300.00

(1) Bosch Jig Saw                                                                           $180.00

(1) Tool Bag with mixed batteries                                                            $200.00

Total:  $3,680.00


An Officer responded to Park Street Automotive to attempt to locate any evidence regarding this incident.  He noted broken automotive glass in front of the building in the front driveway.  Also, while checking the area, the Officer took note of a video camera that records the front view of the building.  As the business was closed, it was not possible to determine its coverage area or functionality.

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