MSU’s Justice League Rallies for Marriage Equality

MSU rallyAs the Supreme Court debates gay marriage, many rallies took place across the country in support of marriage equality.

On Wednesday, Integrity USA, an Episcopalian organization that works for LGBT rights, teamed up with the Justice League at Montclair State University to hold a Light to Justice rally. The event featured an array of speakers, including state Senator Ray Lesniak, who together displayed “our solidarity for love and not hate across the nation,” according to the MSU’s Light to Justice Rally Facebook page.

Light the Way to Justice is a national campaign by United for Marriage. It held rallies in front of the Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday while the justices heard arguments about California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

While earlier this week it appeared the justices would hold off on a decision on DOMA, saying it was too soon to act, the jury, as it were, is still out.

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  1. Hello, just want to clarify. Although Integrity helped spread the word about this event and others across the country, we cannot take credit for organizing it. That belongs to Johanna Durazzi and other members of the MSU community.

  2. That’s cool. Would have really liked to have seen Aquaman and The Green Hornet. Always wondered if those two were going to get married.

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