Top 5 Sites to Download Free, Legal Music


Top 5 Sites to Download Free, Legal MusicJust because music can be downloaded for free, doesn’t mean it has to be illegal.

If your kids are looking for good, new music, here are the best sites to find, hear, and download free, legal music that’s amazing:

  • Indie Record Label Websites: Labels like Sub Pop and Secretly Canadian offer tons of free music on their websites.  The free downloads are usually filed under a “Free” section, a “Media” section, or an “Artists” section.  On, check out popular folk band Fleet Foxes.  They’ve appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and their latest album, “Helplessness Blues”, debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.  Hits like “Mykonos” and “White Winter Hymnal” can be downloaded for free.
  • Bandcamp:  Both popular and underground bands put their music on Bandcamp so it can be easily accessed.  Rapper Gucci Mane, most known for top 10 Billboard rap hit “Lemonade”, has his mixtape “Trap God” available for free downloading.
  • Music Review Sites:  Websites like Pitchfork and Stereogum have thousands of free songs by bands making it big on the “indie” scene.  For Pitchfork, if a song is highlighted in red, you can click on it to download it.  For Stereogum, a song name will say “Download” under it.  FYI: The new internet craze song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer is available for free on Pitchfork, so don’t waste your $1.29 buying it on iTunes.
  • Soundcloud:  Soundcloud is the most popular free downloading site with over one million new users each month.  Rapper A$AP Rocky, who recently reached number one on Billboard’s album chart with “Long Live A$AP”, has his debut mixtape “Live Love A$AP” available for free.
  • is one of the only online radio websites to also offer free music.  Located at the bottom of the homepage is a “Free Downloads” tab.  The downloads are categorized by a specific genre, like “stoner metal” or “witch house.”

Registration is not required to download music from these sites.  Just go on and make sure you have enough room on your iPod for your cool new tunes.

eli writer picEli Zeger is a 9th grader at MHS and a musician at School of Rock Montclair. He writes about music on his blog EZ Tune Feed.

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