Alexander to Officially Open Campaign Headquarters Tomorrow

mark alexanderOn Tuesday, Nia Gill officially opened her campaign headquarters on Bloomfield Avenue, an event that included Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura and Freeholder Brendan Gill.

Her opponent for the 34th Legislative District Senate seat, Mark Alexander, will be officially opening his headquarters tomorrow. The grand opening begins at noon at 24 South Fullerton Ave., where Alexander will talk about his effort to bring independent leadership to the New Jersey State Senate. You can RSVP for the event by going to Alexander’s Facebook page.

Yesterday, Alexander issued a statement taking a swipe at Gill following a report on that the “ammunition clip restriction” limiting ammunition magazines to ten rounds will not be included in the New Jersey Senate Democrats gun control package:

Once again, Trenton has failed to answer the call for stricter gun control laws that so many families in New Jersey demand. This is yet another example of Senator Gill’s failure to lead the Democratic Caucus in a more progressive direction. Limiting the size of ammunition clips will make our streets, schools, parks and places of worship safer. New Jersey families’ demand simply more than introducing legislation, they demand action. They demand a Senator who will lead and turn words into law. Senator Gill must call on Senator Sweeney to post the ten round magazine limit immediately. Unfortunately, our Senate President continues to push our Democratic Caucus in a more conservative direction for no discernible reason. 

I am calling on Democrats in the State Senate to vote against any gun control package that does not include the ten round limit on ammunition clips. High capacity magazines serve no recreational purpose, and are responsible for too many tragic deaths, from Aurora to Newtown. The time is now for Senator Gill to stand up and lead on this life-and-death matter.”

Alexander’s headquarters are just around the corner from Gill’s. In what is already become a heated race, it makes one wonder what happens if they bump into each other on the street.

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  1. Perfect that he seeks to ride the gun banners petard. We have one of the most restrictive laws in the country and this blue than thou bozo seeks to get on the radlib nj bus. Perfect for the blue dogs of Montclair

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