Ask Holly: An Under the Sea Birthday Party

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Although Ariel and Nemo are no longer household names in my house, the fascination with all things “under the sea” holds strong. This is what makes an Under the Sea themed party so fantastic; it’s unisex, it can be for boy/ girl twins and it covers ages 1-101.

And let’s face it—at some point every woman has wondered what it’s like to be a mermaid. The long gorgeous hair, the perfect mid-section, two shells that need no support and of course never having to get a bikini wax… I would trade a lot of sand for a hot crustacean band any day of the week.

How to throw an Under the Sea birthday party:

Under the Sea Birthday PartyDecorations:

  • The plastic sea creatures and paper honeycomb fish came from Oriental Trading Company, but most party stores have  a Luau section where you can find fish netting  and seas-themed items.
  • Green sticks from Michael’s, sold in the floral department, decorated with green glitter made a great centerpiece  I stuck them into a punch bowl with a few large stones in the bottom and filled it half full with water. The sticks were propped up by the stones. Two silk water lilies and a few rubber frogs topped off the centerpiece.
  • Simple bright green and turquoise tableware and decorations were perfect.  I stamped the napkins with a nautilus compass rubber stamp.
The puppet show/scavenger hunt
The puppet show/scavenger hunt

Fun and Games:

  • This was the year I invested in a set of good face paints and painted the children’s faces myself. The shark was a big hit with the boys.
  • We did a puppet show/scavenger hunt where with a shark puppet.  So Sharky and I did our best to give hints to the kids about what they would go to the backyard and find. While I was entertaining the children with the next clue I had helpers hiding each piece of the hunt. So it went like this: Entertain the kids with the puppet, give them a clue about what they might find while the object is being hidden. Let the kids find the treasure and return back inside for the next clue while the next prize is being hidden. I made up a story about this shark who lost his pet fish that was stolen by pirates. The kids had to find all the treasure in order for the pet fish to be returned. The pet was a fish shaped piñata that the kids ran out to find hung ready to be beaten with a bat after they got their last clue.  The kids still talk about this party.

under the seaPrizes to hide in the piñata:

  • Shells
  • Rocks painted with gold metallic paint
  • Rubber fish and sea creatures
  • Fish stickers

The Cake: Ahhh, my mother and her amazing cakes. This cake was baked in a deep bowl then the half doll (half dolls are used so the cake does not have to be so tall) was inserted into the top-middle of the cake. First she frosted the entire cake with a sand color and then spread on the blue waves. A leaf tip was used for the bright green seaweed at the bottom then she used a star tip for both the tail, the pink bikini top and the necklace. The rest of the cake was decorated with rubber sea creatures, green sticks, small silk flowers and shells which we removed before serving.

The Favors:
I compiled a playlist of sea themed songs from popular children’s movies and burned a copy for each child and decorated the plastic case with fish stickers. Plus they took home the treasure from the hunt.

I have reused the decorations etc. for my son’s sailboat and his Shark Party and I am ready to pass them on to whoever wants to throw a sea themed party. They are up for grabs!

Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea

What could be better than a party Under The Sea?

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  1. If it were at my house I’d play “let’s see how long you can hold your breath under water.”
    I LOVE the fish pinata.