Ask Holly: Silly Meals for April Fools’ Day

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Need a quick and easy April Fools’ Day gag to play on your kids tonight? These pranks will have your kids singing, “Mom is great. She makes us meat cake!” Seriously my six year old stopped between bites of his “cake” and said, “Mommy this is so good you should put it on Badeestanet!”

Here are a few  quick ideas that  you can throw together in no time and although they may look nasty my kids went cuckoo for loco puffs over them. Looking for more gags to play on your family? Click here to see how I Pity the April Fool.

Meat and potato cake

Meat Cake:
Simply take you favorite meatloaf recipe and bake in in a round cake pan. I found a 6″ spring-form pan worked well. When the cake is cool simply “frost” it with mashed potatoes. To save time buy the pre-made mashers. Decorate with sliced carrots and or herbs.



Hamburger-hot dogs

Hamburger-Hot dogs:
To make these just simply mix together your ground meat as you would to make hamburgers but instead of patties shape the meat into long hot dog shapes. Serve with ketchup, mustard and pickles on a hot dog roll.



Spaghetti tacos

Spaghetti Tacos:
Seriously these sound so nasty but my kids loved them. Just fill a taco shell with spaghetti and sauce then top with meat balls and grated cheese.

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Did you, (are you planning to), trick your kids today for April Fools’ Day? Tell us how in comments!

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  1. These look so delicious I think I would just serve them all year round. Seriously Holly, it’s time to start production on a TV show.