Montclair 2014 – Super Bowl Committee Promises Hot Air, Snow Tubing and More!

What will it take for Montclair to entice tourists away from the loads of other area attractions from New York and New Jersey? Something big.

Montclair 2014 (that’s also the Twitter handle) Super Bowl Committee, had already planned to announce big news at a party this Thursday night, but in advance, they have started talking about the big doings the town — and visitors — will experience for Super Bowl 2014.

Members of the Super Bowl 2014 committee tell the Montclair Times to expect everything from hot air balloons at Hillside School to snow tubing on a closed South Fullerton Ave, with corporate sponsors paying for an “extravaganza.”Montclair 2014 - Super Bowl Committee Promises Hot Air, Snow Tubing and More!

Take a read here and tell us what you are most excited about for Super Bowl 2014 Montclair.

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  1. No one in their right mind would EVER come to Montclair for the 2014 superbowl. We don’t have a hotel and I can’t imagine the lure of snow tubing down a closed street in a nefarious neighborhood would pry out of town visitors from NYC. This sounds like a waste of money and major inconvenience for residents.

  2. South Fullerton is nefarious? But I do agree with you that tourists are most likely NOT going to flock here (which is fine with me, it’s already hard enough to park anywhere).

  3. “The Superbowl Committee Promises Hot Air” The title of this article seems to say it all.

  4. Wel, at least they aren’t going to China on the Township’s dime. What the SuperBowl/Meadowlandsreally needs to attract visitors, is a constitutional amendment expanding casino gaming. Put a big time casino in that Xanadu thing. Will draw NYers, whip the CT tribal sites. Kick back some revenues to AC to compensate for loss.

  5. Someone should organize a “rooms to rent” list service for the Super Bowl! I could take in a visitor or two with kids off to college and some empty bedrooms. or I could move out and rent my house! That would bring in customers to Montclair and we can make some cash to pay our college bills and/or taxes. And we live walking distance to South Fullerton. I could offer a package deal – tickets for tubing, food and rooms. let’s get entrepreneurial.

  6. I think a lot of people are missing the point here. I do not believe these events are trying as much to entice weekend tourists that will shack up in Manhattan as much as they are aiming for the North jersey demographic. This super bowl is extremely different in the sense that its layout is very atypical.

    Many people who travel to the super bowl make a long weekend of it (typically Wednesday/Thursday to Monday). Now consider the normal occupancy rates for that weekend in NYC on a normal Jan/Feb weekend, Jack those up and what do you have? A market with an existing wealth of demand and individuals who REALLY want to go to the game because their team is in it, yet might not want to take a bigger $ hit. Many friends who went to Indianapolis for the giants ended up staying an hour out of Indianapolis. North jersey has a solid inventory, though across the broad it’s ok looking, and they are going to clean up. A good number of these hotels hotels positioned in the area cater to the office parks rather than the city, that’s why events in Montclair make sense. Not only will it expose individuals to the area who might not have heard of us, but it also serves as a commuting hub into the city.

    Now think of how many people in the tri state area actually go to the super bowl. I forget the number but it was noted that the area is a great exporter regardless of the fanbase. North Jersey specifically numbers around 3.5 Million residents. From that number alone, those going to the game or not will probably like to take part in the “super bowl experience”. Sure the family might run into the city to check out what the NFL has to offer on Broadway but I highly doubt residents will want to go back and forth each day. If Montclair has some cool events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday that are football oriented and hosts an NFL pop-up store why not check it out?

    Also, Six degrees of separation, everyone’s heard of Montclair. I guarantee you that there will be residents getting calls from friends once December rolls around asking where they should say in Nj..oh and the obligatory” …and local businesses can prosper!”.

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