Montclair Playbook Men’s Night Out: A Benefit For MFEE

pokerFood, beer, poker and lots of sports talk–what more could a guy want? Whether you’re a serious sportsman or an armchair athlete, you’re bound to have a great time at the Montclair Playbook Men’s Night Out at the Commonwealth Club on Thursday, April 11.

But the event is about more than having a good time: it’s also to raise money for the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence. MFEE helps “bring out the best in Montclair Public Schools” through grants and initiatives that range from buying books and computers to refurbishing the MHS Fieldhouse.

The event is hosted by MHS Head Football Coach John Fiore, MFEE President Wil Adkins and MFEE Man of the Hour Rich Murnick and features special guests like Frank Isola and Tim Smith of the NY Daily News, Chuck Solomon of Sports Illustrated and Larry Berra of the Yogi Berra Museum.

Food will be provided by Ruthie’s BBQ, craft beer by the New Jersey Beer Co. and a premium scotch tasting courtesy of Amanti Vino.

Tickets are $40 and sponsorships are sponsorships: $500-$1,000 (includes four tickets). For more information, and to buy tickets, click here.


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  1. I am shocked and offended that Baristanet would promote a “men’s” night out that flagrantly excludes women, and that perpetuates the derogatory stereotype that the only thing men are interest in is “food, beer, poker and lots of sports talk.”

    I must insist that Baristanet takes this item down immediately and issues a public apology.

  2. As a child of the sixties. This would be my worse nightmare. If this is what makes a man these days, I’m jumping into the Tardis and getting the hell out of here! We are devolving. What’s next lap dances for charity?

  3. Shleepy….Lick that Nutella soul patch off your chin, put down your sexting rig, jump out of your jammies and get some fresh air.

  4. FYI.. there have been various “ladies night out” events to benefit the MFEE over the years… and no one said a word. Not sure what the difference is.

  5. As much as I appreciate the cause, the event sounds like it should be held at the American Legion in Lyndhurst or elsewhere at a sports bar in Nutley. The thought of running away from awkward bromance encounters over the pizza pie about the Yankees and the Giants is enough to keep me away. Could we not have a Gentleman’s Night Out at “the club” with some fine scotch, fine cigars and possibly an art salon de la rose croix?

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