Montclair Schools 2013 Weston Award Winners Announced

BY  |  Monday, Apr 29, 2013 11:00am

Weston Award 2013

The Judy and Josh Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded annually to teachers in the Montclair public school system, in recognition of their creativity, high expectations, energy, and concern for students. It is a cash award of $2,000.  This year there were 16 awards given out.

The recipients of this year’s Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching are:

  • weston awardJonathan Ward, Music, Glenfield Middle School
  • Courtney Washington, Math, Glenfield School
  • Syreeta Carrington, Social Studies , Glenfield Middle School
  • Kimberly Dillman, Kindergarten, Bullock School
  • Judy Towery, Technology, Hillside
  • Maureen McCormack, Fourth Grade, Northeast
  • Regina O’Connor, Fourth Grade, Edgemont
  • Brian Cunado, Social Studies, Mount Hebron
  • Nisha Gandhi, Math, Mount Hebron
  • Louis DeBello, Fifth Grade, Bradford
  • Anthony Colon, Physical Education, Renaissance Middle School
  • Dione Olson, Kindergarten, Watchung
  • Jenna Fragale, Second Grade, Nishuane
  • Dana Rubin, Math, Montclair High School
  • Kenneth Cleerdin, Art, Montclair High School
  • Joyce Weeg, Science, Montclair High School

The administration of The Judy and Josh Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching is exclusively by parents.  Nominations for the Weston Award are solicited from students, parents, and guardians of students currently attending the Montclair public schools.  This year the committee received over 400 nominations with 177 teachers being nominated.   A selection committee of parent representatives from each school, and Judy Weston, selected the award recipients.

There will be a private reception for the nominees and the winners of the Weston Awards on Monday, June 3, 2013, at 6:30 pm before the Board of Ed meeting at MHS George Inness Annex.

Barista Kids congratulates these outstanding teachers!



  1. POSTED BY gfp930  |  April 29, 2013 @ 7:49 pm

    Congratulations to the Weston Award winners for being acknowledged for creativity, high expectations, energy, and concern for students. I’m especially happy to see music and art teachers on this list, because I know how critical a role the arts play in the development of children/students. I’m also very concerned about how the arts in our schools will be impacted by the current educational climate in our country and state, where there is an increased emphasis on standardized test scores.

    How ironic that this has been posted on the first day of the 3-week NJ Ask tests. Standardized tests are now used in a high-stakes manner, where teachers will be deemed “effective” (or not) based in part on how much a student’s test score increases. This is terribly misguided.

    The Weston Awards continue to get it right for acknowledging what matters most.
    Congrats again to all the award recipients.

    Gail Prusslin

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