Nia Gill Nails Endorsement from Essex Chapter of Democracy for America

DFA - Nia Gill Endorsement april 2013The Essex County chapter of Democracy for America (DFA) has announced their official endorsement of State Senator Nia Gill, the incumbent running against challenger Mark Alexander in the primary for the state’s 34th legislative district. DFA is a leading national grassroots organization dedicated to advancing progressive candidates and causes.

Katherine Joyce, a leader of the Essex County chapter of Democracy for America, said, “Essex County DFA is proud to endorse State Senator Nia Gill. Through the ten years of our group’s history, we have had numerous occasions to work with her office on issues of great concern, beginning with the effort to reform New Jersey’s voting laws that help ensure every person’s vote is properly counted — a cause she has championed. Senator Gill is a proven leader and strong advocate for progressive causes in the State Senate. Whether it is the fight to ensure all children have access to a quality public education or demanding equality for all New Jerseyans by twice sponsoring New Jersey’s Marriage Equality Act, Senator Gill stands with progressives throughout the state. Especially in the current political climate, it is important that we have a Senator who has long championed progressive causes in the 34th Legislative District and knows how to get things done.

Senator Gill acknowledged the endorsement by noting, “Being a progressive Democrat means taking action when others won’t. Fighting for progress requires standing up for people who can’t. Today, as always, I stand with the progressive community not simply as a Senator but as a lifelong activist and partner in the fight for social justice, women’s rights, access to voting, marriage equality, increased funding for our schools, and the future of this community.”

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  1. I’ve never before heard of “Democracy in America.” And as far as I can tell, it’s never been mentioned before on this site, or even in The Record.

    I’m still baffled by Baristanet’s apparent touting of Mark Alexander without ever so much as even a half-attempt to explain where he stands on the issues. But Ms. Gill’s constant absence from anything which occurs in Clifton, or matches local concerns there, nonetheless makes me think that her being dumped in the primary would indeed be a very good thing. (Although 12 debates would be way too much, and even one such debate traditionally draws almost nobody.)

  2. Democracy FOR America (DFA) evolved out of the grassroots organizing branch of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign (Dean for America). The local affiliate, Essex County DFA, has been meeting continuously in the area, and its members have worked on political and issue campaigns, as well as run for and succeeded to elected positions, since the group’s start in February 2003.


    Two times in the last several years I contacted Nia Gill asking her to explain herself on curious policies and votes.
    first when she was the lone democratic state senator holding up an important judge appointment, she did not reply.
    next when she handed control of NJ’s public television station to an out of state bidder, when Montclair State also offered what seemed to be a competitive bid, she did not reply.
    As a result, Mark Alexander, you have my vote.

  4. Given that Howard Dean was a complete jerk prone to nonsensical frothing about politics, kjoyce, I’m not at all impressed. Ms. Gill and this group are much welcome to each other.

  5. Nia Gill needs to go. She is outspokenly racist, and the only things that catch her attention are those pertaining the the black community. Everyone else is gum under her shoe to her.

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