Happy Earth Day 2013 — Now Go Clean Up Your World (Updated)

Time the chuck the old set you planned on converting to a fish bowl
Time to chuck the old set you were planning to convert to a fish bowl
Yes it’s Monday, April 22 — Earth Day 2013.

It’s that time of year again, time to open your closets and reassess belongings. Time to ask yourself: Do you really need that purple Jane Fonda style leotard circa 1985? And it’s been 10 years since Aunt Minnie gave you that gorgeous statue of a three-legged goat — maybe it’s time to chuck it, sell it or donate it?

Whether clothes, papers or old electronics, if you’re thinking…”I’m keeping it because, ya know, it might come in handy,” well, sorry pal, you know that day is never, ever coming.

Thankfully if you have stuff to get rid of, there are plenty of places to do it. During the last two months, after my mother passed, I had the difficult task of going through her things. I discovered some wonderful local places where you can bring things to be recycled. Bless the women at the St. Barnabas Hospice Thrift shop in Montclair for making a difficult task so much easier. What a wonderful place.

If you have stuff ready by this Friday, you can drop off donations at the 20th Hillside Free Community-Wide Swap. Here’s a guide to places you can donate/recycle or resell year round:

bookBGone offers a great way to recycle books as well as CDs and DVDs.

Click here and here for our full list on wear to donate, consign or buy used women’s and men’s clothing.
Children’s- Monclair Parents of Multiples, Milk Money, Montclair Mommies

St. Barnabas Thrift Shop
St. Barnabas Hospice Thrift Shop

Home Goods:

Electronics & Metal
Montclair Public Works Yard at 219 North Fullerton on Saturday for recycling.

Montclair’s Deron School also has an electronics recyling event on May 4.

American Hardware True Value

Great consignment finds at Swap Xxchange
Great consignment finds at Swap Xxchange

Paint Cans:
Latex paint is not considered a hazmat but it must be dry before disposed. If the can is not full, add kitty litter or buy paint hardener. Leave the lid off and leave in a warm place. Remove lids from cans so sanitation workers can see paint is dried and hardened.
Paint hardener available at

Toys, Baby Gear and Children’s Books:
Toys- An easy give away for used toys? Put them at the curb in a clean box with a sign that says “Free” and watch them disappear.
Baby Gear-Monclair Parents of Multiples, Milk Money, Montclair Mommies
Books-The Children’s Book Pantry in Orange is always looking for gently used children’s books.

Confidential Papers:
Montclair Shred Fest takes place September this May 11 –and you can take all your private papers and have them safely disposed. Bloomfield residents can attend the first ever community shredding event on Saturday, May 4th from 9 am to 1 pm at the municipal parking lot located next to the Post Office. Can’t wait for a shredding event? Pay to shred services like Safe Shredding are another option.

Corks and #2 Plastics:
Whole Foods

More places to donate, give away or sell:


Recycling and Public Works:

Share your favorite places/ways to donate, recycle or resell items you no longer need in comments.

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  1. I agree both should be cleaned. I grew up on the Passaic, I love it, I used to fish for carp and recently told a story here about the numerous earaches and sore throats it caused my friends and I. Problem is many of the companies, of which my grandparents worked, did the real damage and are long gone. It says there are 70 left, that number sunrises me, I thought there would be far less.

    I think nature loving hippies that know better leaving their crap behind and companies that dumped poisons into the water 50 yrs-ish ago while a complicit government turned a blind eye are a little different.

  2. herb, I’m not sure if there is a direct correlation between reefer intake and liberalism. I had a ROTC roommate in college who lit up regularly, and once he got the buzz, he complained about liberals, and also, Oldsmobiles, which he used to call “Jew canoes”. But we both enjoyed the Yes album “Close to the Edge”.

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