Tick Tock Manager Accused of Harrassing Waitresses

Tick Tock DinerGeorgios Spyropoulos, the manager of the Tick Tock diner in Clifton, who was arrested earlier this week for plotting to have the eatery’s owner tortured, robbed and killed, has also been accused of harassment by some of his staff.

According to an article in the Star-Ledger yesterday, Spyropoulos told one waitress she “would never see the light of day” if she talked about the alleged sexual harassment that went on for nearly a decade at the diner.

He grabbed another waitress’ hand and placed it on her genitals, later telling her he would “spend all his money to make sure she is buried alive” if she told police about the incident.

The two waitresses filed sexual harassment complaints against Spyropoulos last August, but the complaints were never signed, and Spyropoulos was never arrested, a police spokesman told the Star-Ledger.

Spyropoulos was arrested on Tuesday for hiring two men to murder his uncle, Alexandros Sgordous, a co-owner of the diner. Unfortunately for Spyropoulos, one of the men was an informant for the N.J. State Police and the other was an undercover detective.

He remains at the Passaic County Jail on $1 million bail.

For the Star Ledger‘s complete story on the latest allegations, click here.


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  1. A gentle family man? A tight-knit family that celebrated holidays together? It’s going to be rather awkward at the July 4th barbeque this year.

  2. I was at Rutt’s last week and sat at the bar. 2 wellers fries w/ gravy , hot dog count down to two from a high of 4 back in the early 80’s ,which usually came after a night at Aldo’s Hideaway.

  3. I haven’t noted the appearance of a “slow news day” sort of post in quite a while. (Not that there clearly haven’t been such days on this site, however.)

    This, nonetheless, is an especially clear example of the concept, and as usual on such days, does this site’s proprietors no journalistic credit whatsoever.

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