What is on Your Workout Playlist?

RunnersThe weather is warming up, prompting loads of runners to head out with their armband thingies connected to those little wiry doodads with ear-plug type things at the ends. A device usually called an iPod, but one that I, from time to time, still call a Walkman.

Every runner/walker finds a different sound that motivates them. Personally I enjoy running to dance music. Total crap mixed with merengue and bhangra/Bollywood music. I follow the site Run Hundred via Huffington Post for new popular running songs every month to keep my feet moving.

Share in comments what’s on your workout play list? Total bubblegum junk, heavy thrash kill-your-mother-metal or are you more of an opera/pod-cast type?

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  1. This American Life, The Treatment, and a bunch of other NPR shows. (LOVE Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing.)

    At the end- that hill in Brookdale Park- Matt and Kim, Fun.The National. And of course GIRLTALK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr2cfwR0roU) who mixes rap over Metal, 80’s and, well everything. It’ll be your new favorite. It’s free from his website.

    You are welcome!!

  2. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Those who know me well know that my taste in music is very eclectic. I like classic rock from the 50s, 60s and 70s, 80s punk and new wave, some country-western, modern jazz and do wop, soul, anything that gets me moving. Will not listen to Top 40, Hip Hop, club music, anything by Justin Bieber or anything with Autotone. I have songs to help me speed up and songs to help me cool down. Portable music was a great invention.

  3. I’m with prof. I listen to NPR. If I listen to music I like, I automatically start moving to the beat of the song. It throws me off and looks crazy. I can’t help it, I’ve got the music in me.

  4. Like Prof and Georgette, I favor podcasts. As a street runner, I find voices safer than song; I can always hear approaching vehicles. Content-wise, Radio Lab, Moth, Here’s the Thing, and hobby-related podcasts. It all works, and keeps every run a little different.

  5. Playground slide 10 minutes
    Swing 10 minutes
    Sandbox 10 minutes
    Spinning around in circles 45 seconds
    Rolling down hill 10 minutes

  6. I particularly enjoy audios of the 2012 GOP presidential debates, with a hint of the Lawrence Welk Show softly playing in the background.

  7. No ear-plug type things for me, thank you. I too much enjoy the scenery and my own thoughts. Piped audio in my ears is just distraction.

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