Mark Alexander Gets Endorsements From Two Montclair Councilors

Alexander Gets Endorsements From Two Montclair CouncilorsMark Alexander, who is running in the June 4th Democratic Primary against incumbent Senator Nia Gill, has received endorsements from two Montclair Township councilors.

1st Ward Councilor Bill Hurlock and 2nd Ward Councilor Robin Schlager are supporting Alexander in the June 4th Democratic Primary.

For those keeping score at home, Deputy Mayor Robert Russo and 4th Ward councilor Renee Baskerville are supporting Gill. Mayor Robert Jackson has been at Alexander campaign events, but has not publicly endorsed either candidate. Harvey Susswein, a candidate for Montclair mayor last year, will hold a fundraiser this week for Alexander with guest Senator Bill Bradley. Gill has the support of Bobbi Brown and Stephen Plofker.

“Mark represents the change we need here in Montclair,” stated Councilor Schlager. “Our Township Council and State Senator need to be on the same page so our interests are properly represented in Trenton. I know Mark will work hand-in-hand with local officials across the 34th District to ensure that our problems are being addressed. Just like President Obama, Mark is running a grassroots campaign that is empowering normal people. On June 4th, I am asking all of my neighbors to vote “Line B” for Mark Alexander.”

“I support Mark Alexander because he has demonstrated the energy and independence needed for Montclair,” stated Hurlock. “I believe that Mark shares our common vision for Montclair and will be a strong advocate for our interests. He speaks directly to the citizens and his message is well received. I am grateful for his commitment to the First Ward, as evidenced by his support of Ward events. I know Mark can be the leader we need for our community at home and in Trenton.”

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