Ask Holly: Nest Pendant for Mother’s Day

nest pendant

Nest: A place in which young are reared; a lair.

Our nest is the first place we bring our babies to, the haven our children seek refuge after a tough day at school, a resting place when returning home after college finals or simply our voice or arms when our children, no matter how old they are, need us.  A perfect symbol summing up the beauty of motherhood.

These nest pendants are an easy lovely gift to make for any mother. You can personalize it by putting the amount of eggs (beads) for each child your mother has. Eggs can represent grandchildren, nieces, nephews, step-children or godchildren. You could also represent each child by using a bead in the color of their birthstone.

Wire nest1Nest Pendant:

  • 20-26 gauge wire (26 gauge is thinner and easier to work with)
  • Beads
  • Jump rings (optional)
  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Round nosed pliers
  • Bird charms (optional)





wire nest4Step One: Cut of  a piece of wire 18″-24″ long and start twisting it to make a spiral shape. Twist and wrap the wire making a small wreath about 1  in diameter or bigger depending on the size beads you use. Before you come to the end of your wire, wrap the end around the wreath shape. Continue this process with two or so pieces of wire wrapping both in a circle pattern as well as spiraling the wire around the form to make a vertical pattern.
TIP: Make sure that none of the ends are poking out and if so curl them with the pliers

Step Two: Wrap wire around your finger and then your pinky finger. This should make a concave 3-D nest shape. Keep wrapping a weaving until you like the look of your nest. The messier or more organic the better.

Step Three: Add your beads by threading a 6″ piece of wire through the first bead then wire it into the nest. Bring the end of the wire up and add the other beads in the same way.

Step Four: if you have a small piece of wire after you are done wrapping your beads pull it through to the top of your nest and using your pliers curl the wire up. You can use this as the way to attach to a necklace or attach a small jump ring.

To fancy it up add a small bird charm necklace.

nest pendant

Nest supplies available at A.C. Moore , Michaels or Tia Maria Beading Studio.

Questions? Ask Holly in comments.

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