Bloomfield Police Blotter: Burglaries, Arrests, Stolen Camry, And Four Homes Spray Painted With Graffiti

Bloomfield Police Department Crime Report for the week of  05-13-2013, provided by Sgt. Anthony J Servedio:  


05-10-2013 – On the 100 block of Orange St. a resident reported having their home burglarized. A tampered with door lock was found to be the point of entry. Assorted jewelry and an HP laptop computer were among the items reported to be missing.



05-09-2013 – On the 200 block of Franklin Street a 2001 Chevy was broken into and various tools were reported to have been taken from the vehicle.

05-10-2013 – On Jersey Street a 1999 Ford was broken into and various tools were reported to have been taken from the vehicle.



05-11-2013 – On the 100 block of Franklin Street a 2003 Toyota Camry with N.J. license plates was stolen.












On May 11th the following addresses were damaged with spray painted graffiti:

  • 5 Sunset Avenue
  • 1051 Broad St.
  • Broad St. & Warren St.
  • 48 W. Passaic Ave.

Anyone with information about this activity or knowledge of anyone who may be using the “Tags” – Sour, BCR, AROB is asked to contact the Bloomfield Police Departments Youth Aid Division at, 973-680-4072



05-11-2013 – Nilson Lemus of Newark was arrested for DWI.


05-11-2013 – Tehuti Barrett of Montclair was arrested for DWI.


05-11-2013 – Rasheed Eley of Newark was arrested for DWI.


05-12-2013 – Elizabeth Viera of Newark was arrested for DWI.



On May 8, 2013 at 6:17 pm Ryan Henry age 33 of Bloomfield was arrested for possession of CDS, (illegal possession of prescription drugs).

Officer Keron Piper and Officer Ivan Bohorquez were dispatched to the scene of a man possibly going in and out of consciousness near the corner of Newark Ave. and Watsessing Ave. The Officer’s along with EMS, located Mr. Henry leaning against a building, falling in and out of sleep and conversing in slurred speech. While preparing Mr. Henry for transportation to a local hospital for treatment, a small prescription bottle was discovered in one of his pockets, which he claimed to be Xanax however  the labeled prescription was written for Zyrtec. Mr. Henry was transported to the hospital where an attending physician confirmed that the pills in the prescription bottle were not what they were supposed to be, Zyrtec but were in fact consistent with Mr. Henry’s claims to be Xanax.

Mr. Henry was charged with the possession of the CDS, illegal prescription drugs and released on his own recognizance from the hospital with a court date pending.

On May 12, 2013 at approximately 1:47 am, Officer Joseph Corio was dispatched to a call of 2 suspicious vehicles on Clair St., possibly stealing license plates off of parked cars. Officer Corio along with Sgt. Anthony Argento located one of the suspicious vehicles in question at the corner of Broughton Ave. and Watchung Ave. and conducted a motor vehicle stop. The vehicle they stopped was a white, 2003, Ford with 4 occupants. Upon speaking with the driver, Dominick Pereira, age 19 from Nutley, he admitted that he and his friends had in fact been in the area stealing license plates and that the two license plates that they had stolen, were in fact in the car with them. The two license plates, one from NY and one from CA were retrieved and taken into evidence and the occupants of the vehicle were placed under arrest.

The other occupants of the vehicle / arrestee’s were:

Skylar Petretta, age 18 from Nutley

Joseph Stefanik, age 19 from Bloomfield

Filomena Cifelli age 18 from Nutley

All of the arrestee’s were transported to Police HQ’s where they were charged with 2 counts of theft and released on their own recognizance with a court date of 5/14/13 pending.

On May 12, 2013 at 10:42 pm, Jose Lozano, age 39 of Summit was arrested by Sgt. Nicholas Polidoro for having an active warrant out of the city of Irvington.

Sgt. Polidoro noticed the arrestee tossing debris from his vehicle as he was parked in the lot of 135 Bloomfield Ave. The Sgt. conducted a motor vehicle check of Mr. Lorenzo’s license plate and that is when he discovered that he was wanted for the warrant in Irvington. Mr. Lorenzo was unable to post bail in Bloomfield so he was transported to Irvington Police Department to be held until he could post bail or make a court appearance.


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