Montclair’s Cameron Animal Hospital Raising Funds To Send Feral Felines To Sanctuary

feral cats
Feral cats at Cameron Animal Hospital

An orange domestic shorthair cat named Tico was recently dumped off at the Cameron Animal Hospital on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. “Someone left a note saying the cat was peeing everywhere, so they couldn’t keep him,” says , says receptionist Lauren Boonstra. “Turns out he had a urinary infection, and Dr. Cameron fixed him.” Tico was adopted last month.

Most weeks, says Boonstra, a cat or two are abandoned on the hospital’s doorsteps. To deal with the problem, the hospital recently began raising money to take care of unadoptable and feral cats that aren’t as lucky as Tico. Boonstra says that she, along with hospital CEO Janice Lyons, started a gofundme page to send the cats to a sanctuary in Maryland. Boonstra says the cost per cat is $450. Why so high? “The sanctuary charges $350 for the lifelong feeding and medical care of each cat, plus there are transportation costs,” says Boonstra. So far, the hospital has raised $470 on the website; its goal is to raise $1,000.

From the Cameron Animal Hospital gofundme page:

We have a team of dedicated and compassionate staff who take great pride in what we do: saving lives. While our main function is as an animal hospital, we often get cats abandoned at our doorstep, hit by cars or attacked by wildlife, or taken from neglectful owners. Most of the cats we rescue are adopted out to wonderful families. Some, however, are feral and deemed unfit for family life. They live their lives in cages. This is no life for an animal! We are asking your help to send these precious lives to: The Good Shepard Cat Sanctuary, located in Delmar, MD, a no kill rescue.

For further information, contact Boonstra at:

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  1. It’s hard to believe it was so long ago, but twenty five years ago we found one of the local strays had been shot with a bb gun. We brought the cat to Cameron and told them what happened. They never hesitated, they never asked who would pay, they just did what needed to be done to save him. At that time I didn’t have much to my name, but I do have money now, and Cameron is going to get some of it.

  2. Dr. Cameron is a wonderful person! He and his group seem to do more to help animals than any other veterinarian in the area.

  3. Ditto, re: Dr. Cameron. Over the years, my pets have gotten better care and service at his office than I and my husband have received at our respective “people” doctors! The animals come first, before the tedious insurance questions.

    I am now at the point that if I am in a doctor’s office or health care facility and the first question is not, “How are you feeling today?” but “Who is your insurance carrier?” I am out of there. That questions speaks volumes.

  4. I met Dr. Cameron many years ago. At the time I was rescuing a local stray/feral cat. I’ll never forget picking ‘Ubu’ up after his checkup and neutering. Dr. Cameron, his right hand dripping blood, brought him out and said, “Better leave this one outside.”. We did, for a while, but eventually, “Ubu” came inside and became a wonderful pet.

    Cameron Animal Hospital is staffed by committed, caring people. The fees there, by today’s standards, are very reasonable too.

    God Bless Dr. Cameron, his vision and his good works.

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