Click It Or Ticket Campaign Begins In Essex County

essex county policeLaw enforcement officers from across Essex County have begun cracking down on unbuckled motorists and passengers as part of the national “Click it or Ticket” operation. The local Seat Belt Enforcement and Education Campaign takes place May 20 – June 2.

The operation will focus on front and rear seat passengers. Despite laws requiring back seat passengers to buckle up, adult back seat belt use stands at only 36 percent.

Here’s more on the campaign from Det. Arnold Anderson of the Essex County Community Traffic Safety Program:

During last year’s “Click it or Ticket” campaign, 425 police agencies participated in the two-week initiative. As a result of the effort, law enforcement officers issued 29,307 seat belt citations, 4,951 speeding summonses and made 861 drunken driving arrests.

In Essex County, 21 of 25 agencies participated in last year’s “Click It or Ticket” Campaign and as a result of the effort here in Essex, not only were there 1,600 seat belt summonses issued, but there were 33 DWI arrests, 47 summonses issued for not securing a child in a child safety seat, 26 Felony Arrests, 15 stolen vehicles recovered, 54 fugitives apprehended, 166 suspended license summonses issued, 32 uninsured drivers sited, 206 speeding tickets issued, 6 reckless driver summonses, 31 drug arrests and 2,735 other motor vehicle violation summonses issued during the two-week initiative.

So if you happen to be pulled over in Essex County in the next two-weeks for not wearing your seat belt, don’t bother to ask the officer if he or she has nothing better to do; the answer will be a resounding, “No”.

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