Crazy For Crepes? Head To Church Street In Montclair

crepe close up

Has the arrival of the cicadas got you down? Don’t despair. I have a mood changer for you…a new cafe just opened on Church Street for fans of fine crepes, coffee, and gelato.

making crepes
Co-owner and manager, Reda Taher

Café La Crêpe, located in the old Gelato Giuliana spot, still serves the former owner’s brand of intensely flavorful gelato. What’s new is freshly made crepes, ranging from the hearty organic buckwheat “La Complete” with prosciutto, swiss cheese and egg…to the savory “La Poire” made with turkey, fresh pear, brie cheese and cranberries…to the sweet “Crelato” with gelato, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream. Both savory and sweet crepes are available gluten free.

The café also serves some of the smoothest, richest espresso drinks in Montclair, created with New Jersey’s own Benfatto Coffee. Café La Crêpe’s “affogato,” a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of espresso and laced with caramel, both satisfies and revs you up. They also serve sandwiches, and salads with a small baguette.

spreading crepe

I was interested to learn that the co-owner and manager, Reda Taher, moved to our area from Montreal, a city that knows its crepes. On a recent family vacation to the lovely, historic, hip city, our crepe-loving daughter convinced us to lunch at a couple of outstanding creperies.

Of course, crepes are not new to Baristaville. Bonjour Montclair, at Watchung Plaza, has been serving up a wide variety of tasty crepes for years. And next month Le Petit Parisien, also on Church Street, plans to begin offering both savory and sweet crepes to customers.


Could it be that Montclair–also lovely, historic and hip–is fast becoming a crepe connoisseurs’ wonderland, worthy of the moniker: “Little Montreal”? Pourquois pas?

Café La Crêpe
49 Church Street
Closed Monday, Open Tuesday through Friday 10am-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday 8:30am-11pm

cafe la crepe logo

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  1. I’m still searching for a perfect cup of coffee – really look forward to trying it there with a delicious crepe.

  2. Has anyone been in B’ville long enough to remember the Montclair “Crepe Escape”. I’m guessing it was back in the 80’s?

  3. Paz, yes, I remember Crepe Escape like it was yesterday. Incredible ‘sherried chicken’ crepes to die for.

    And Lisa, the perfect cup of coffee is not, alas, to be found in Montclair but in neighboring Caldwell, at Jersey Mac’s, 291 Bloomfield Avenue. Natalie, at Plum on Park street comes awfully close though – her java is almost perfect.

  4. Just the other day, I was trying to think of a lunch place to go with my friend. I told her that I wished Cianci was still around because they had the perfect sandwich, salad, crepe place on Church Street. We ended up at Raymond’s, which I love, but I am really happy I saw this article. I can’t wait wait to try their food!

  5. I hope that they are better neighbors than the gelateria was – they used to take over the sidewalk, making it impassable at times. I always wondered what happened when someone in a wheelchair or an elderly individual wanted to walk by…. If only we had some kind of standards requiring businesses to keep part of the sidewalk free for pedestrians!

    Though now that fresca has set up a roped off area on the sidewalk, with bussing stations and mega umbrellas (and blasting disco music at night) I guess all bets are off.

  6. Ate here earlier today. Very good savory crepe, the closest I’ve been able to come to my ideal, which was a crepe I had at a small hole in the wall in New Orleans. I had the “La Vegetarienne” which was Swiss, mushroom, and tomato. It was supposed to have avocado, but it was left out for some reason which was a bit of a bummer. I also had a wonderfully fancy hot cocoa (to ward off the cold!) The service was friendly and accommodating (my husband hates mushroom, so they let him substitute spinach.) Fresh ingredients and affordable.

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