Emily’s List Endorses Gill, Montclair Councilor McMahon Supports Alexander


Mark Alexander and incumbent Senator Nia Gill, who’ll face off in the June 4th Democratic Primary, both have received notable endorsements this week.

Montclair At-Large Councilor Rich McMahon endorsed Mark Alexander, and EMILY’s List, one of the nation’s largest resources for women in politics, endorsed State Senator Nia Gill.

Here’s how the endorsements stack up so far:
Montclair Township 1st Ward Councilor Bill Hurlock and 2nd Ward Councilor Robin Schlager are supporting Alexander, while Deputy Mayor Robert Russo and 4th Ward councilor Renee Baskerville are supporting Gill. Mayor Robert Jackson has been at Alexander campaign events, but has not publicly endorsed either candidate.

Harvey Susswein, a candidate for Montclair mayor last year, is supporting Alexander, along with former U.S. senator Bill Bradley, and Bishop Dr. Reginald Jackson.

Gill has the support of Essex County Exec. Joseph D. Vincenzo and a host of other Essex County officials, as well as Bobbi Brown, Stephen Plofker, The Essex County chapter of Democracy for America (DFA) and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

The 34th District includes Clifton, East Orange, Montclair and Orange.


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  1. I strongly doubt that Emily’s List has any idea what Ms. Gill stands for or thinks about any state issue. And I doubt even more that it has any notion about Gill’s conspicuous lack of physical attendance at any event in her district other than a few in Montclair proper. And Bobbi Brown? Her, uh, endorsement seems on the level of the chatter on “The View.”

  2. Still cathar, a visit to the two websites is telling. Alexander’s smacks of “Famous people know me,” Gill’s at least shows accomplishments.

    So while I disagree with both on most points, I’ve always liked Ms. Gill, and was immediately turned off of Mr. Alexander’s entry in local politics (“he knows Obama!!”). Likewise, when I heard of Bishop Jackson and Black Ministers’ Council endorsement of him, as I offered previously, I only think of this:

    So, for me, Ms. Gill is the best of the two.

    Who’s the Republican?

  3. Still, either Bobbi Brown’s endorsement is carries a lot more weight than your insufferably boring and predictable opinions on the matter.

  4. Still, Bobbi Brown’s endorsement is carries a lot more weight than your insufferably boring and predictable opinions on the matter.

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