It’s Hot

heat waveWe are experiencing our first heatwave of the season, with temperatures expected to reach 90 today. After last weekend’s cold and miserable weather, my first thought is “finally!” but hot weather, of course, does not come without its hazards.

The Montclair Health Department is thus providing a few tips on how to stay safe during excessive heat events: stay cool and hydrated by drinking plenty of water; use air conditioning if you have it–if you don’t have, seek air conditioned buildings during the heat of the day, such as  public libraries and bookstores, movie theaters and malls (if you don’t mind fighting the crowds of others also trying to escape the heat). If you’re a Bank of America or Merrill Lynch customer, it’s a good weekend to check out Museums on Us, when you can get free admission to many museums in the area.

Other suggestions: take a cool bath or shower, minimize direct exposure to the sun and limit your time outdoors. Also, wear loose fitting, light colored clothes and drink lots of water and non-alcoholic drinks (definitely stay away from Holly Korus).

Most important, check on your elderly or ill neighbors, friends and family members, and never leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle, even with the windows rolled down, even for a few minutes. (Hopefully, you already knew that.)

How are you planning on escaping the heat? I am going to stay in my air conditioned home and rock out to Martha and the Vandellas and these other heat wave songs.


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  1. Yes, its hot – but its also unofficially summer. The kvetching when its 90* is sort of like the freaking out and apocalyptic rushes to whole foods when 3 inches of snow is predicted. We have seasonal weather – stranger things have happened.

  2. How about opening the pool for a late afternoon swim, Montclair? Glen Ridge did it yesterday and will open again today after school even though the pool is only opened Sat/Sun until the end of the school year. They’re even opening an hour earlier than normal tomorrow.

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