Montclair Has Siena, And Now, Venice on Church Street

We love art in unexpected places, so we were surprised when we first saw and posted this mural back in February on Baristanet’s Facebook page. Now artist Jae Choe is completing his vision of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy on Church Street.

First Came Siena, But Now Montclair Has Venice on Church Street

Transforming an emergency hallway of the Hinck Building into something beautiful, the mural was commissioned by owner Dick Grabowsky, for passersby to enjoy. Sneak a peek any time, or actually walk the hallway, open from noon to 8 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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  1. The funniest part about this mural is that Dick had himself drawn in waving at people from a balcony above. It’s too funny…someone please send the Barista a picture.

  2. It is nice and I am sure will be lovely, who knew that Dick had arts in his blood. So now, after some paint on the walls how about Dick leasing some buildings on Bloomfield that have sat empty for years and years and years? I do believe he is a major reason why Montclair’s downtown is not doing as well as it could. He holds a liquor license that hasn’t been used for years; he has empty store fronts that just sit there and we could go on and on. So Dick, instead of paint on the walls, how about some businesses on Bloomfield Avenue?

  3. Grabowski essentially holds that part of Bloomfield Ave hostage. His buildings are a blight on the streetscape.

    In comparison, look at properties owned and rehabilitated by Plofker. In almost every instance, they are fully leased by excellent retailers, companies and restaurants.

    Plofker is single-handedly rehabbing the area east of Seymour. Grabowski is single-handedly retarding growth in the rest of the center.

  4. Dear Dick, nice going. Maybe you’re not such a horrible awful Scrooge with a heart the size of a shriveled pea after all.

    Which makes me think that Montclair should become a center for street murals. That would be terrific, and it’s probably totally doable with a few enlightened corporate sponsors such as Dick Grab (said here affectionately). Sort of like what the MTA did with its stations. Wouldn’t it be grand if there were cool sculptures and murals in the parking garages, and on certain walls downtown? I know there’ve been a few murals put up here or there but has there been a focused, concerted effort to make this a thing?

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