Montclair Police Report Reveals Glenfield Principal Knew of Threatening Remark and Returned BB Gun to Parent


glenfield-schoolIn the latest details of the Glenfield Middle School BB gun incident and Principal resignation, a police report reveals Mr. Miller knew of a threatening remark and returned the BB gun back to the parent of the student.

Barista Kids obtained a copy of a Montclair police report by Det. Brian Fazio, which was filed on Friday, April 26, 2013—two days after a Glenfield Middle School student brought a BB gun on the bus, which made it onto school grounds. The report reveals that after Principal Miller was notified by a female student that two boys had a BB gun that was on the bus, he spoke to the students. Student 1 told Miller that Student 2 brought a BB gun on the bus and said if (another student) bothers him one more time, “I’m going to shoot him.” The report states Student 1  Mr. Miller responded, “You’re not going to do that,” and took the BB gun away. Miller then took the BB gun and sent Student 1 back to class.

Mr. Miller then told police that he then contacted the student’s mother,  Student 2 was then suspended, and the BB gun returned to his mother.

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  1. I’m dumbfounded about what transpired. With all going on in our world today, this is not the way to protect any of the kids at school. The one getting bullied, whether perceived or real, the child who was threatened to be shot or the other people in the building when such a threat has been made. It is illegal to have this weapon in school and he just gave it back to the parent??? Wow.

  2. so publish the whole report Georgette (with names redacted). Or is there some aspect that doesn’t fit the narrative?

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