Name That Herbal Cocktail

lemon rose openThe big three day weekend is here: Time to sit in our backyards and contemplate what to do when our world becomes overrun by cicadas. For those of you ready to get grilling, keep in mind that cicadas are both low in carbs and gluten-free, unless you beer batter and deep fry ’em.

If chowin’ down on bugs ain’t your thing, trust me, rosemary infused lemonade will be. (How is that for a random segue?) I was first introduced to rosemary-lemonade at the Montclair Historical Society’s herb sale. My first thought was, “Holy cremoly, this is good!” My second thought was, “This is sooo darned good it doesn’t need a thing–before 11:59 a.m. After that, of course, it needs liquor.”

Here is the the trick to making rosemary-lemonade: you need both lemonade and rosemary. If that proves to be too difficult for you, crack open a Zima and call it a day. Seriously, use any kind of lemonade from fresh squeezed to frozen from concentrate, throw a few sprigs of fresh rosemary in to the mix and let sit for a day or two. If you only have an hour, pull the rosemary needles from the  stems and add them to the lemonade. Then shake it, baby, shake it. When it looks slightly green you are ready for action. You can also add a few chunks of peeled fresh ginger, which is delicious with bourbon.

lemon rose 2 editHere are  a few ways to mix up your first taste of summer:

  • One part good bourbon
  • Three parts rosemary-lemonade


  • One part vodka
  • One part Lillet
  • Three parts rosemary-lemonade

Lemon rosemary3Pour ingredients over ice and garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary or lemon.

The lemonade is also wonderful when mixed with a sparkling white wine such as cava.

Now what to call each of these cocktails? For anyone who uses ‘cicada’ for part of their name, points will be deducted…or Barista Jenn Schiffer may shut down the whole site.

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