New Jersey Education Association Endorses State Senator Nia Gill

Senator Nia GillSenator Nia Gill’s office has sent the  following announcement:

Citing her unwavering support for public education, the New Jersey Education Association has endorsed State Senator Nia Gill. NJEA represents thousands of teachers and education professionals across New Jersey and is the state’s largest association of teachers.

“NJEA is proud to support Senator Nia Gill in the LD-34 primary,” said NJEA President Barbara Keshishian. “Senator Gill is a long-time advocate for public education and working people in New Jersey. She is a strong, independent voice for children and families and we are pleased to put the strength of our 200,000 NJEA members behind her in this important race.”

“I am proud to have earned the support of the members of the New Jersey Education Association,” said Senator Nia Gill. “I have relentlessly fought for public education funding and I will continue to stand up to those who are trying to slash funding to our local public schools. When it comes to public education, I will never waver. Teachers and education professionals take care of our next generation and they deserve leaders who will always stand up for public education.”

Senator Gill is running against Mark Alexander for the State Senate 34th district. Read Alexander’s op-ed on education here.

In response to the endorsement, Mark Alexander’s campaign states:

With four children currently in Montclair’s public schools, Mark remains committed to ensuring that every child receives a quality public education. As an educator himself, he knows the important role teachers play. It is no surprise that the Trenton establishment is coalescing around Senator Gill, but as Mark talks to teachers across the 34th District, his message of independent leadership continues to resonate.

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  1. They cite “her unwavering support for public education” .

    Translation–> Her unwavering support for taxing anything that moves.

  2. Neither Nia Gill nor Mark Alexander have shown any commitment to the Montclair public schools. Their campaigns appear to be no more than political posturing on the part of both in the run up to the election. Neither have ever made a single statement of content regarding education.

    Can anyone provide any advice on the substance of one or other of these two candidates regarding education?