A Little Backtalk With That Latte? ABC TV Tests Bystanders in Local Cafe


Fine Grind - 2Can’t say I’ve ever been treated rudely by a barista anywhere in or around Baristaville, though I’m betting baristas have to deal with their share of not-so-nice customers once in a while.

So how would you react if you witnessed a fractious barista-customer exchange? That’s what ABC-TV’s show What Would You Do? wants to know, and they set up hidden cameras in The Fine Grind Coffee Bar and Cafe in Little Falls to find out.
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The show is scheduled to air tomorrow night, Friday, June 7 (moved up from original date of June 14).

The Fine Grind is one of my favorite places to have a great cup of coffee and often, get some work done too. No one has ever been anything but overly nice to me there, so I think, like the woman quoted near the end of this article, I’d be immediately suspicious and upset by the odd behavior.

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  1. This show is pretty ridiculous, and honestly I would think less of any store I frequented that agreed to the taping.

  2. Little Falls? Have we finally kicked the bastards out of Montclair? That show is abusive and sensationalist. Good riddance.

  3. What would I NOT do?

    I would not watch TV programs that ‘create’ content via situations in which we people are encouraged to snoop on and police each other.

    I would not publicize these negative reverse-stings on people who are simply trying to quitely mind their own day.

    I would not support businesses that think helping out these lowest-common-denominator “programs” is somehow a fruitful venture.

    My own past run-in with ABC’s “What Would You Do?” program was a big steaming mess of wasted time.

    They had a desperate actress pretending to be drunkenly fumbling for her SUV keys and falling over on Church St.

    At the time I thought “this is probably one of those stupid what-if stings.” – not because I’m keener than the next joe mind you, but because months earlier I had read that they did same in Montclair before (how many times can they keep mining the same joke in the same area)?

    My only reason at the time for going through the motions of calling the po-po was because I fell into silly second-guessing concerning what people might think of me if I ignored the (artificial) dillema.

    In the end I informed a producer (who as a child surely dreamed that she could one day grow up to produce tabloid poop for mainstream media corporations) appeared in time to stop my 911 call and not soon enough for me to refuse them permission to air my moment of (apparently) doing the “right thing.” (the right thing was purely selfish on my part)

    God: I pray to you that all involved with these mouth-breather programs – producers to viewers – each get at least 1 unnoticed cicada to land in their al fresco lunch.

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