Montclair Cop Arrested For Alleged Role In Drug And Money Laundering Ring

bad cop verticl
Anes Hadzifejzovic

Authorities say Anes Hadzifejzovic, 27, a Montclair patrolman, used his status as a law enforcement officer to help move thousands of kilograms of marijuana, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, has the full story:

Last December, a truck pulling a trailer arrived at a darkened warehouse in Jessup, Md. As federal agents watched, a group of men began heaving bales of marijuana out of the trailer and onto the loading dock.

Among them was a big guy, who agents later learned was a cop…

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  1. Took you folks rather an uncharacteristically longish time (especially given the usual lightning-like expressions of localized hysteria on most any given topic here) to get to this one.

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