Nia Gill Wins In LD34 Race; Mark Alexander Concedes

The votes are in, after a primary day where turnout was especially low. Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin describes it as “one of the quietest in my memory.”

Senator Nia Gill celebrated her win last night at the Clubhouse. Challenger Mark C. Alexander, who gathered with his campaign staff and supporters at Upstairs in Upper Montclair, congratulated Gill on her win.


With 91 percent precincts reporting, Gill received 9,592 voted, Alexander 4,055 an Pullins 1,141.

In Montclair, and around the state, Democrats came out in overwhelming numbers compared to Republicans. By mid-adfternoon, at Glenfield’s polling location, election workers described the polls as “sleepy” with the ratio of Democrats to Republicans coming in to vote about 8 to 1. At Mt. Hebron, poll workers described a slow trickle of voters, recalling one “rush” in the day when six voters came in at the same time.

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  1. Wow, more D’s showed to vote in Montclair than R’s yesterday? Now put that one in the Museum of the Hard to Believe. There are also about 800,000 more D’s in NJ than R’s so throw that one in there as well.

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