Summer Solstice Screening of Sourlands

sourlandsNJAI isn’t the only group celebrating the summer solstice. In observance of the summer solstice, and the opening of the Montclair Farmers’ Market’s 21st season, Montclair’s Office of Sustainability and Community Green will screen Sourlands this Thursday, June 20—as part of its Green Film Series.

Sourlands is a provocative tale of ecology, energy, and agriculture in New Jersey, as seen through the eyes of activists, farmers, and journalists. It was also screened at this year’s Montclair Film Festival.

In the Sourlands of the Garden State, a rampaging deer herd, invasive plants, and wholesale habitat destruction threaten the local ecosystem. Farmers in the surrounding valley battle against high land prices, high property taxes, and increasingly erratic weather patterns. A group of local engineers searches for new ways to save energy and stop global warming. If you pay close attention, the challenges facing this community look a lot like the challenges facing ecosystems, farmers, and energy visionaries everywhere.

The message of cautious hope presented in the film is just as universal: to start solving complicated environmental problems, we need to forgo quick fixes and start restoring the natural world – and people’s connection to it – from the forest floor up.

Thursday, June 20 at 7:30 pm
Montclair Public Library, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ, 07042

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