Montclair: What’s The Bakery Treat You Can’t Resist?

Sunday doughnuts from Montclair Bread Company
Sunday doughnuts from Montclair Bread Company

Sure, we like to eat healthy (just check out these radishes), but every once in a while, a seductive baked good sings a siren call we just can’t resist. Montclair is blessed with way too many tempting baked goods, pastry porn, diet busters — you name it — but here are some of our favorites:

If you haven’t heard about Montclair Bread Company’s Sunday Doughnuts, it’s probably because your good friends want to make sure you don’t get addicted (or more likely, they want to make sure the place doesn’t sell out of their faves). These doughnuts (only available on Sunday) will have you dreaming about them all week long. In a word, they are amazing (if you’ve tried Doughnut Plant in NYC, these doughnuts give those a run for their money). Every Sunday, there are new flavors like key lime pie, toasted coconut, and even a maple bacon. Here’s what today’s batch looks like. You’ve been warned.

So what else have we tried, loved and find hard to pass up?

Brioche doughnuts from Gina's Bakery
Brioche doughnuts from Gina’s Bakery

Gina’s Bakery, across the street from Montclair Bread Company on Walnut, makes a brioche doughnut filled with cream and studded with sugar that is in a word — heaven. We hear Elio at Corso 98 wishes he never tried one, because now he is hopelessly hooked (I understand completely).

Sfogliatelle at Nicolo's
Sfogliatelle at Nicolo’s

Kristin Wald discovered the sfogliatelle at Nicolo’s Italian bakery courtesy of a thoughtful neighbor. Worth mentioning is their St. Joseph’s Custard or Cannoli pastry — only available in March, but memorable enough to wish it was on the menu year round.

Macarons from Petit Paris
Macarons from Petit Paris

Jasmine green tea, sea salt caramel and rose-flavored macarons bring Dana Hawkins-Simons into Church Street’s Petit Paris, because she “loves the way they look, smell and taste.” Christina Gillham also loves their almond croissants (you can also find her picking up a chocolate babka from the bakery at Whole Foods).

Holly Korus loves(!) the snickerdoodles from Le Baker’s Dozen and Annette Batson likes their warm scones. Batson also admits to occasionally indulging in the pain au chocolat from Gina’s Bakery, red velvet cupcakes from Cupcakes by Carousel, and macaroons from Jackie’s Grillette.

Even though Jenn Schiffer is not into sweets, she is partial to those awesome golden cakes filled with cheap cream in the shape of little logs.

Last, but not least, it’s hard to choose from all the stuff we love at The Little Daisy Bake Shop (plus Jen Snyder is always concocting interesting new items and flavors to taunt us), but her whoopie pies and butterscotch scones keep us coming back for more.

We know we’ve missed some, so tell us what you splurge for when you just want something sweet.

Whoopie pies from The Little Daisy Bake Shop
Whoopie pies from The Little Daisy Bake Shop

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  1. It’s Linzer Tarts for me. Can’t resist them. Love everything, too from Coreen’s Baked Goods @ the Farmer’s Market.

  2. I’m like an addict. I need to stay away from sweets, because I binge. Once I get a taste of something, I’m in trouble—like The Pie Store’s Key Lime Pie, or Little Daisy’s whoopie pies. I have’t tried Montclair Bread Company’s doughnuts yet, because I know I’ll go on a major binge every weekend. So please, do NOT buy me a dozen okay. I’m serious.

  3. Yeah Have any of you seen that Blue or turquoise ice cream truck called Sweet Spot parked outside of Mountainside pool. Homemade ice cream never seen a Real Ice cream truck in town before! Was going for the Maple Nut until the girl gave me a sample of the PB &J yep peanut butter and Jelly ice cream made me a believer grabbed two pints to go and reliving my childhood in every bite.

  4. oops just read that it said bakery sorry. However all you have to do is get the pb&j made with those giant oatmeal raisin cookies they make and I think that you can qualify it as a baked good kinda.

  5. @Georgette Gilmore – the Sunday Doughnuts at Mtclr Bread Co are simply AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously, best apple fritter I have ever had. And don’t get me started on the bacon one. Hubby is a huge fan of the Boston Creme. Proceed with caution. They are that good.
    @ ijnj — Tell the good folks in the Sweet Spot ice cream truck about Nishuane Park-the tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts & pool are always full of people, just waiting for ice cream! 🙂

  6. This makes me remember a little french bakery on valley road in the same strip where Brick Lane is now that opened my eyes to well developed baking skills. My fave was their pain au raisin, a little danish-type pastry with a slight caramelization on top. I remember they used a multi-layer yeast dough that was light and a little chewy, with mixed brown and golden raisins. Wish I could remember the name of the owner (pierre?) because I would try to track him down if he’s still in business somewhere within a 2 hr drive.

    There’s something similar in the local Whole Foods I see now and then – good, not great.

    Thanks for the memories…………….

    Thanks for

  7. “The Linzer Torte (or Linzertorte) is an Austrian torte with a lattice design on top of the pastry.” There is no acceptable spelling of Linzer as “Lindzer” torte. A billion cooks can’t be wrong apparently.

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