2nd Annual Camp Ask Holly

Camp Ask Holly

Rosé is a lovely summer wine. Whines like “But Mommy there is nothing to do!,” as my children stand next to a pile of games/toys that would keep a entire third world village of children busy for a year, are not a  favored vintage ’round these parts. So Camp Ask Holly returns for a second year!

Every week we will feature a different summer friendly craft, game or science project, ranging from super easy  pre-school and little kiddos to more creative and unique for tweens and teens.

Camp Ask Holly projects you can look forward to are:
  • 4th of July parade wavers
  • Backyard glow-in-the-dark night time games
  • Coffee filter projects
  • Bead making
  • Easy 1-2-3 sun catchers
The first project will run tomorrow, then just click Crafts  for new projects every week and here for last years summer projects.

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