Achieve Foundation Take a Seat Campaign Surpasses Goal

Achieve Foundation The Achieve Foundation of South Orange & Maplewood raises funds to promote exemplary public education for all students and educators in the community.  The foundation is proud to announce that it has made good on its pledge to the school district to raise $350,000 toward the $1.3 million restoration of the Columbia High School auditorium by June 30.

With $358,940 collected to date from the Take a Seat campaign, the foundation has exceeded its three-year campaign goal.

Achieve Foundation has 759 generous donors to thank for making this accomplishment possible. More than 500 seats have been dedicated so far, and the foundation has received 66 gifts of $1,000 or more to underwrite major aspects of the project.

“The success of this effort is a resounding tribute to the beloved school community of Maplewood and South Orange,” said Achieve Executive Director Deborah Prinz.

Donors from age 18 to 88 submitted heartfelt seat inscriptions for their honorees. Achieve received donations from parents recognizing teachers of young children, graduates mourning classmates gone too soon and many multi-generational CHS families.

“The plaque inscriptions evoke emotions across the board,” Prinz said. “They will serve as lasting tributes to hundreds of people who were affected in some way by this remarkable institution.”

It’s not too late to participate in Take a Seat. Donations continue to arrive every week. You can still dedicate seats and make donations in any amount. If funds remain once the restoration is complete, Achieve will hold them in its dedicated fund for the auditorium to be used for future improvements. Please submit your orders and payment by October to guarantee that plaques can be fabricated.

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