Cheer Us On at The Montclair Fourth of July Parade Tomorrow!

Montclair Fourth of July Parade
Our “float” in 2012

We gearing up for another year in the Montclair Fourth of July parade. We look forward to this community event all year! We’ll be joined by the Fralinger String Band of Philadelphia Mummers whose 2013 theme is “Back from the Dead,” the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps, the Wayne Raiders, Caporales San Simon – This Bolivian dance group, St. Columcille United Gaelic Band, and many local favorites such as Elvis.

There’s a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, so fingers crossed it stays dry during the parade. It will be hot though—so hot, that we won’t mind getting hit with those super soakers.

Here’s what you need to know about the Montclair Fourth of July Parade:

The parade takes place on Thursday, July 4, (rain or shine!) beginning at 11 am. The parade route is 1.6 miles traveling west on Bloomfield Avenue to Midland Avenue, continuing to Watchung Avenue, west to Valley Road and ending at Edgemont Park where immediately following will be a family picnic.

There will be road closures to create the parade route:

  • South Fullerton Ave closed from Gates Ave to Bloomfield Ave.
  • Bloomfield Ave closed from Gates Ave to No/So. Mountain.
  • Midland Ave closed from Bloomfield Ave to Watchung Ave.
  • Valley Road closed from Berkeley to Appleton.

If you are traveling through town please use the following alternate routes:

  • Traveling North & South: Use Upper Mountain, Highland, Grove Street, and Elm St
  • Traveling East & West: Use Gordonhurst Ave or any street north. Use Cedar Ave or Llewellyn if south of Bloomfield Ave

Wave and cheer when you see us and we’ll throw out some candy and other goodies!


The parade ends at Edgemont Park, where a Family Picnic and 1st annual Music and Arts Festival takes place, organized by the new Montclair Arts Council.

Guitaro 5000
Guitaro 5000


  • Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam
  • Richard Reiter
  • Grey’s Light
  • Guitaro 5000
  • The Michael Reitman Band with Jon Luks
  • The Greg Spinelli Pit Band

In the event of rain, the picnic will be canceled.

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