Keep Montclair High School's The Passing Notes Singing

the passing notes

Montclair High School’s The Passing Notes is a  totally student-run A cappella group, and they’re amazing. The group was founded in 2002 by Tess Smagorinsky, and over the past 11 years has developed and changed into what it is today. They spend almost 200 hours rehearsing each year, and even more time traveling and performing at gigs around Montclair and the local communities. They have sang for the Haiti Benefit Concert, the Giggles Children’s Theater, Alaris Health Care Center, a media conference in NYC, a Sierra concert, and even a wedding!

Because of travel and other expenses, the group is holding its 1st annual Passing Notes fundraiser asking for any contribution you can make:

The nonprofit group, racks up a lot of travel expenses. The cost transporting 16 high schoolers all over town really adds up. And they say, “we can’t blame our parents for being a little annoyed when we bring back their cars with an empty gas tank and strewn with water bottles after a gig.”

They are also in the process of recording and producing an album for 2012-13 saying, “We are so excited to share this with our fans, friends, and family, but we could really use your help to cover the costs!”

You can help keep Passing Notes singing all over Montclair and beyond by making an online donation here.

$1000 of the money they raise will cover the costs of recording, mixing, producing, and distributing our new CD. Whatever other funds they raise will go towards future generations of Passing Notes, allowing them to gain popularity and spread their music with more members of the community!

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