Montclair Baby Name Expert on High Alert Today

baby blocksNow that the Duchess of Cambridge has entered the hospital, reportedly in labor, Montclair baby name expert Pamela Redmond Satran, has cleared her schedule for the biggest baby-naming story of the year, maybe the decade. Satran, author of a series of best-selling baby-naming books, among other projects, is slated to appear on CNN’s Jack Tapper show at 4:00 today.

But she points out that even if the royal baby is born by then, except for taking out of contention the names for one gender, the guessing game may still continue for several more days. “Prince William’s name was not announced for seven days,” she says, which in Britain will only add more time to the “general party atmosphere surrounding the event of a royal birth.”

Closer to home, hundreds have entered the royal baby-naming contest at Satran’s Nameberry website, where you have to nail the first name plus the additional three or four middle names traditionally given to a British royal, and do so before the birth itself.

Pamela Redmond Satran
Pamela Redmond Satran

“I think she’s having a boy, just based on how she’s carrying, which is nothing but an old wive’s tale; though lots of people are rooting for a girl,” Satran explained, adding her own guesses for the names: “For a boy, Arthur Phillip Charles Michael, and for a girl, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Caroline.”

As the world watches and waits (or at least has to endure the constant updates), any guesses, Baristanet readers?

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  1. I still say the media hype over the impending birth reminds me of “PANDA WATCH” in the movie Anchorman.

  2. What drives somebody to become a “baby name expert?” Is it motivated by a lifelong resentment of being named “Pamela?”

  3. George Alexander Louis…that’s a far cry from the prognostication of the “baby name expert.” Tell me, is she still on call?

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