Montclair Crime: Armed Robbery With Fake Gun At Dunkin Donuts, Painting Stolen from Library

Police were called to Dunkin Donuts on Bloomfield Ave., (Friday, June 28, just before midnight) on a report of an armed robbery in progress. The caller stated he observed a heavy set black male about 5’11 wearing blue jeans, dark sweatshirt and a ski mask enter the establishment and hold a gun to an employee inside. He relayed seeing the suspect exit through the west entrance and run south towards the rear of the parking lot. Information was relayed quickly to officers who encountered an individual fitting the description near Ferrara’s Auto body shop on Orange Road.

Darryl Hill
Darryl Hill
A clear plastic bag containing $753.66 with a Baskin Robbins logo on it was found on the ground near the suspect, who was sweating profusely. The bag was confirmed to contain proceeds from the robbery. Darryl Hill, 40, of Newark was placed under arrest for armed robbery. A black handgun with a brown handle, a black ski mask and a dark colored sweatshirt with a graphic design logo were located lying on top of garbage inside a dumpster in the rear of the parking lot outside the Dunkin Donuts. The handgun turned out to be made of hard plastic as it had some sort of black cloth covering the tip of the gun in order to make it appear real. Bail was set at 150,000 no 10% option.

Upon investigation, police learned that the suspect entered the establishment holding the gun in his hand. He pushed the employee behind the counter and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t give him the money from the safe. The employee complied and handed over two money bags. The first money bag was described as a clear plastic bag with “Baskin Robbins” logo on it. The second bag was described as a solid white bank deposit bag with a zipper. The estimated the total value of both bags was approximately $1,217 in US currency. The second bag was recovered, but no cash found inside the bag.


On 06/24/2013 at 1300 hours, officers responded to the 10 block of Christopher Court on a theft report. The caller informed officers that his employees were working in the area and had a weed whacker stolen from the trailer while it was parked on the street. It was a red Shindaiwa Weed Whacker valued at $450.00.

On 06/24/2013 at 1750 hours, officers took a walk in theft report. The victim stated she was walking south near 125 Elm Street on the east side of the street when a black male (approx 5’10, thin build) walking north snatched a gold chain from around her neck and ran through the yard of 125 Elm Street where the victim lost sight of him. The chain was described as a gold rope chain with a Cross of the Huguenot pendant affixed to it (approximate value $500.00). Anyone with information contact Det. J. Anderson at 973 509 4706.

On 06/242013 at 1941 hours, officers responded to a Gates Avenue address on a theft report. Officer were informed by the caller that he secured his Trek bicycle to the bike rack at the Bay Street parking deck at 0630 hours. When he returned at 1830 hours the rear bike tire was missing.

On 06/26/2013 at 1122 hours, officers responded to the Montclair Public Library on South Fullerton Avenue on a theft report. The caller stated a piece of art work was stolen from wall inside the library. The painting is described as a 6″x 6″ green, blue, and yellow painting with a large Peace sign and is valued at $350.00. The painting was last seen on June 23rd at approx 1500 hours. Anyone with information contact Det. DeGrazio at 973 509 4717.

On 06/26/2013 at 2048 hours, officers responded to the Shell gas station on Bloomfield Avenue on a theft of gas report. The on duty attendant informed officers that a black Honda pulled up to the pump and requested $15.00 gas. The vehicle was operated by a black male with a black female passenger. When the attendant finished pumping the gas the driver yelled to him that he would return later with the money and sped off. Anyone with information contact Det. McCarthy at 973 509 4725.


On 06/24/2013 at 1623 hours, officers responded to the parking lot of 120 Valley Road on a vandalism report. The caller informed officers that she parked her sisters black 2011 Toyota Scion in the lot at 0900 hours. Between 1200 hours and 1600 hours the rear passenger window was shattered. The caller believed nothing was taken from the vehicle.

On 06/26/2013 at 0946 hours, officers responded to the rear parking lot of 82 Pine Street on a report of damage to a motor vehicle. The caller informed officers that his 2012 Ford was parked in the lot over the weekend. During that time someone wrote a word on the front hood of the vehicle. It appeared not to have scratched the vehicle. The caller believed he might be able to remove it by washing and detailing the car.

On 06/27/2013 at 0828 hours, officers responded to the 30 block of Union Street on a vandalism report. The caller informed officers that on June 26th at approx 2100 hours he parked his silver 2012 Mazda MX6 in the rear parking lot of the multi family address. He placed a car cover on the vehicle. When he returned to the vehicle on the 27th at 0800 hours he found it damaged. He discovered scratches, missing paint in the area of the scratches as well as 2 dents on the hood and front bumper.

On 06/27/2013 at 1029 hours, officers responded to Wayside Avenue on a vandalism report. To area residents reported damage to landscaping lights and a lamp post in front. The glass was broken out of both.


On 06/25/2013 at 1735 hours, officers responded to the area of 64 Clinton on a report of an erratic driver possibly intoxicated. Officers were given the description of the vehicle and as they approached the area they observed it near Union Ave and Clinton Avenue. It made a sudden right turn onto Russell Terrace. A motor vehicle stop was conducted. The driver was observed fumbling with his credentials and when asked what he was doing responded “You know, it’s the stuff, you’re a cop”. The driver was drooling and had a blank stare on his face when he was asked to produce his driver’s license. He had slurred speech and appeared confused. He informed officers that he had taken a prescribed amount of suboxine. When asked to step out of the vehicle he could barely stand without falling. Officers placed 21 yr old James Aguiar of Montclair under arrest for operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

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  1. Does the Master Plan address crime? (She says sarcastically.)

    Sheesh, they are proposing tall buildings and increasing urban density while we are suffering higher taxes and growing violence/crime. To say that our pols are out of touch with citizens’ needs and concerns is a HUGE understatement!

  2. Amen, girlyfeminist. I am actually getting scared living here. I think too much of the bad parts of a city is meeting the suburbs.

  3. How can someone, or two, walk out of the library with a 6’x6′ painting, and have nobody notice what’s going on, I mean really?

  4. A chain snatching, bike theft, vandalism, kids “stealing” gas, a drunk driver.

    YIKES!!! Crime is out of control in Montclair.

    The armed robbery gives pause, but in context with the size and make-up (socio economic) of our town, and compared with past years— I strain to see why dogmom is “scared” to live here. Unless of course, she is an art lover and is thrown by the theft of a painting (?).

    Crime rates are relatively flat (looking at the numbers, the slight rise is in crimes that certainly are not of the “crime is out of control” variety). l

    The reporting of crime, with B-net, Patch, Montclair Times, Watercooler, etc. has only created a FEAR OF CRIME!!

    A fear based not of facts.

    That said, the Montclair Bear had me FREAKED OUT!!!

    (Check this: witch links to this: )

  5. Prof: What planet are you living on? Armed robberies of stores and gas stations are up in suburban Essex, especially at night. The Millburn home invasion certainly put the scare into a lot of people. I’m not saying we have to live in fear but we should vigilant about crime. Denying we have a problem solves nothing.

  6. According to this article, the art piece was 6 INCHES. And if we are going to have (fake) armed robbers, let’s hope they are all as bright as this one. The police HQ is across the street..and where do officers sometimes go for coffee and a snack? Good job on the apprehension.

  7. “Armed robberies of stores and gas stations are up in suburban Essex, especially at night”

    —that’s just great, but what is your source here? Prof provided you with some facts—a decent response should do likewise

    “The Millburn home invasion certainly put the scare into a lot of people”

    —and that’s why people’s unfounded paranoia should be tolerated? don’t watch local tv would be better advice.

    “I’m not saying we have to live in fear”

    —you most certainly are

    “Denying we have a problem solves nothing”

    —engaging in unfounded paranoid delusion ain’t so hot either…

  8. 4 shootings in the last 2 years is a concern….kid killed in apartment stairwell, murder-sucide involving a kid with many past run-ins with the law in town and nwo this Mission St and Greenwood Ave back-and-forth shooting. Guy getting caught with hollow point bullets and illegal handgun is a concern. Armed robberies of our stores and gas stations, a big concern. I don’t want to live in a Livingston, Madison or Millburn-type suburban landscape, but I would like to see a cut in the gun violence that will wind up getting some innocent bystander killed at this rate.

  9. Yeah, it’s not like two people were recently killed in a park. Or another in a house off Valley Road. Or that people were recently shot at Greenwood and Glenridge Aves. Or on Mission Street. Or robbed and beaten near Watchung Plaza. Or on Bloomfield Ave. And the spike in home break ins and car thefts is certainly not noteworthy. Drug activity? Non-existent. That’s right, nothing to see here. All media driven. Just keep ignoring it as it creeps closer and closer to where you live, while citing “good” crime stats – which are certainly never manipulated by police departments.

  10. The thing about domestic violence is that it is usually self-contained, and not indicative of a “community” rise in crime. Obviously, all crime is reflective of a community, but not all crime should make folks feel “less safe.” Spies living in Montclair didn’t make anyone feel less safe. A fight- even one ending in a death- at a party doesn’t make folks feel less safe. Likewise, kids “stealing” gas, or shoplifting, or even the weed whacker “missing” from a landscaper doesn’t make anyone feel less safe.

    Sadly, the area of the drug-related activity has been like that for years. The Mission/New St. area unfortunately for the many good folks who live down there has seen much crime for years (I remember hearing about the “Nasty News” in the ’90’s).

    But can you point to me some stats of this “spike” in “home break ins and car thefts”?

    As the Milburn video and it’s subsequent citing by many folks shows, one video of a horrific event is enough to make folks feel less safe— regardless of actual crime stats. This makes sense.

    Just the same, the constant bombardment of “crime” by local media has the same a/effect.

    But IF this is some spike in crime, I look forward to seeing all the new for sale signs, drop in house prices, businesses leaving because of crime, and all of the other obvious results in a community BESIEGED by a “SPIKE” in crime.

    Or perhaps even seeing ADT trucks everywhere as folks get alarms. Gun permits. Attack dogs.

  11. Thanks for the link to that fascinating summary. It answers a lot of questions, but raises others.

    –Speeding etc tickets issued have dropped almost 50% in three years
    –Larceny / burglary is up
    –Assaults are up
    –Many senior officers are assigned to what seem to be administrative tasks

    No mention of the tasks previously assigned to code inspector Frank Leslie. These quality of life inspections are key to keeping landlords attentive to lawn care, clean yards, garbage removal, etc.

  12. I can’t give you specific stats about the spike in home burglaries and car thefts prof, no. I don’t follow stats. Once had a very wise professor that told me, “Stats are for losers. There are fewer things more manipulated than stats, no matter what the subject.” And in the 25-something years since he told me that, let me tell you, he was nearly 100 percent correct.

    However, what I can point to is the weekly police blotter. If you peruse through the last few years of those reports and come away convinced that there is no spike in the two categories I referenced, then nothing will convince you. These are not media driven. They are reports provided by the police department(s).

    I’m not advocating guns, dogs, running away from Montclair in fear or other hysterias. Just pointing out that to ignore these crimes – or dismiss them as being lesser crimes – is silly and unwise. Lot of towns that eventually hit the skids probably had similar mindsets at the time.

  13. @ montclairdad, much love to your dear Professor, but his statement, or perhaps your interpretation of it, makes little sense. Stats are for losers? Did you read/see Moneyball? Are you familiar with the Broken Window theory used in crime prevention?

    Stats are for losers.

    But yet almost every decision is based in part on some Stat. Seatbelt laws? Stats. Drinking while driving? Stats. Exercise? Stats. Efficacy of Prescription drugs? Stats. Going to college, recycling,, STATS, STATS, STATS.

    But your Professor says, Stats are for losers.

    Rather, you believe that you can “peruse” the police blotter to inform your decisions.

    You also read my posts wrong if you think I am suggesting we ignore crime. I’m not. As I state (several times) above, the issue is the perception that crime is raging. It is not.

    But from this perception– and by ignoring Stats– you allow yourself to be led by something other than facts.

    Then again, if facts are for losers, facts must be for sucka’s!

  14. I dunno. People complain that traffic is moving too fast, too many cars are speeding. Entirely anecdotal.

    Police report they issued several hundred fewer speeding tickets over the past three years. Entirely statistical.

    Both point toward more folks driving faster than the speed limits, and may correlate to the number of folks run over in cross walks, etc. But that would be speculation.

  15. Which board of tourism do we have to thank for this unceasing influx of visitors from Newark? Nearly every story concerning an illegal firearm and/or an act of violence seems to involve visitors from the “Brick City”.

  16. Stats are not for losers. They are just misinterpreted BY losers. How many people know the simple formula for correlation or are familiar with the guassian copula model? It is entry level stat taught in nearly every high school in the country.

    The point here though is not if crime is increasing or decreasing and at what rate its the fact that it persists. Answer this question, would anyone be comfortable with their significant other walking from nishuane park to bay street station at 9pm at night? If the answer is No, then there is a massive problem that needs to be addressed.

  17. The racist statements posted here are absolutely incredible. The fact that these people hide behind their anonymity really shows how gutless they are.

    Can you hear way over in the estate section, stonebridemfa?

    Perhaps you’d like a greater influx of visitors from say, Reykjavík.

  18. “If you peruse through the last few years of those reports and come away convinced that there is no spike in the two categories I referenced, then nothing will convince you.”

    —just wanted to give the ignorance and paranoia of that one sentence a little room to breathe…

  19. Yes prof, I saw – and read – Moneyball. How it ignored the big three of Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson and Barry Zito. How there was very little mention of Miguel Tejada or Eric Chavez. Five perennial All-Stars that any team in baseball would have loved having. But I’m sure they had nothing to do with the A’s success. It was all stats and Scott Hatteberg. (Oh, also, exactly how many WS titles have the A’s won during their stat-happy era?) Stats are frequently manipulated to fit agendas. Pretending they aren’t is just as silly.

  20. Whatever jcunningham. We get it, it’s all rosy in your little world. Very happy for you.

  21. Hmmm. Would I prefer tourists from Iceland to criminals from Newark? What kind of idiotic question is that? I must be a racist or “tea bagger, like everyone that disagrees with Cunningham, or points out the inconvenient fact that virtually all of the violent crime in town is committed by visitors from Newark, Irvington, the Oranges, or the local diversity club. High taxes aren’t the only reason that property values are lower here than most comparable towns. Sure, the positives outweigh the negatives, but we’ve got crime issues. They come to Montclair to commit crimes like we go to the Short Hills Mall to buy things.

  22. It easy for those living high on the hill in their little bubble to pretend, or convince themselves, that Montclair doesn’t have a crime problem. Perhaps you’ve all overspent on your houses and are trying to tell yourselves that you didn’t make a bad investment. However, for the rest of the second-class citizens living in LOWER Montclair, crime is a real and daily problem. The robberies, shootings, car jackings, drug trafficking, etc, is getting old. So, pretend all you want, call everyone racists, but it won’t be long before someone from Newark comes wondering down your street and bursts your little bubble.

  23. Typical nonsense thread from the fools of Baristanet, not one of you presents a solution to the apparently out of control crime problem. I would venture to guess that most of you have never been the victim of or even witnessed any out of control crime in town, but yet you make assumptions like that it’s unsafe to walk from Nishuane to Bay Street at 9pm. LOL

  24. “Virtually all of the violent crime in town is committed by visitors from Newark, Irvington, the Oranges, or the local diversity club.”

    Since you are so good at keeping score, deadeye, what, may I inquire, is the “diverse” racial composition of this club?

    “It easy for those living high on the hill in their little bubble to pretend, or convince themselves, that Montclair doesn’t have a crime problem.”

    I for one, redrum, live not “high on the hill” as you say, but firmly and happily entrenched in the Third Ward. Unlike yourself, I do not consider myself to be a “second class citizen living in LOWER Montclair.” Not only is your attitude toward crime and it’s causality revealing, but you suffer from an inferiority complex and inadequacy. Very telling.

  25. Oh, that’s easy bickernet. As deadeye suggests, just keep visitors from Newark, Irvington, or the Oranges away from our borders.

    Any genius coud have figured that out.

    And what solutions do you offer?

  26. I didn’t say I had solutions, I don’t perceive there to be a serious problem, the level of reported incidents in the police blotter is commonplace for Montclair. If you want to keep Newark residents out of Montclair then call NJ Transit and ask them to cancel their bus services to and from Newark that run through the town. As for East Orange you’re probably going to need to find a way to relocate the town to keep those in such close proximity out, let me know how you propose to do that.

  27. Bickernet, To present a solution, one must first admit that a problem exists. Silverleaf, et. al., are examples of that strain of residents that cannot admit that there is an issue. Frankly, it’s stupefying that when presented with incontrovertible facts, these people are able to simply wave them off, and dismiss the realists among us as racists and alarmists. Quite amazing actually.

  28. Well it should be perceived as racist to assume that all residents of places such as Newark/East Orange need to be kept out of town, plenty of them are upstanding citizens that were born into quite a more unfortunate economical situation than you. I have a friend who’s family relocated from Montclair to East Orange after high school, should his family be told they cannot re enter, or do we make an exception because they were previously residents of Montclair?

  29. I was actually the victim of a crime on Chestnut St. Several months ago. So I can speak on the issue with some perspective. I’ve lived in town for over twenty years, and that adds to my frame of reference as well. Now, I’m turning on my alarm and leaving town. Happy 4th everyone!

  30. Of course there is crime in Montclair; nowhere have I said it does not exist.

    My objection is to the fact that you, deadeye, have turned it into a racial issue with you conspicuously prejudiced and inherintly biased remark, “They come to Montclair to commit crimes like we go to the Short Hills Mall to buy things.”

    See the difference?

    We all know, deadeye, we all know.

    Be sure to lock all your windows too.

  31. Of course crime is a problem and reported statistics are not all that telling. Is crime up or down, what crimes, perpetrated by whom, against whom? Does crime correlate with the economy, or incarceration rates? Lots of ways to slice it, the bottom line is this is our community, we should maintain it, be alert, have top-notch policing and also not forget to offer social services. If all the criminals are from out of town, we are doing something right.

  32. Silverleaf, your liberalism blinds you to reality. Yes, it’s an uncomfortable fact, but a fact nonetheless the the the perpetrators of these crimes are disproportionately, if not entirely black. That is not a racist statement, it’s a supportable fact. OK, now it’s time for Cunningham to weigh in with his scrotal fixation…it’s the tea baggers, it’s the conservatives. You’re all so clueless.

  33. Silver.. Of course my windows are locked. Otherwise, my house would be broken into. I’m interested in holding on to my possessions, rather than trying to buy them back from Natty Dreadlocks on Craigslist. -I-

  34. Of course the unforgiveable tragedy in Millburn is more than any of those of us not involved can imagine, and we all grieve for those involved. With that exception can anyone show statistics that crime, per capita, (as a random silly example,) is more rampant in Baristaville than in the Northwest Territories of Canada? Everything is relative. We cannot, or nor should we, live in fear of what might happen, statistics and demographics notwithstanding. We all have to work to make it better as most of those on this site are trying to do.

  35. Stats are frequently manipulated to fit agendas.

    Can you cite any statistics to back up that claim?

  36. “I’ve lived in town for over twenty years.”

    Well good for you, deadeye. I was born in this town and have a lot more invested and at stake than you. Let me let you in on a fact that you are apparently unaware of . . . Montclair has for years been racially mixed; we take pride in that fact. It is at our core identity. Blacks and Whites have peacefully coexisted for generations. While you lament that fact, others including myself celebrate it.

    And now you come along want to throw a grenade into that history. How dare you!

    You are nothing more than an outsider having been given the privilege of living here.

    For you to use a racial epitaph like “Natty Dreadlocks” is an insult to Blacks everywhere, not just Montclair.

    You ought to be ashamed!

  37. @ silverleaf, “an outsider having been given the privilege of living here,” I didn’t realize there was what, a fence keeping them outsiders out. Is there a test to be a resident?

    If so, as someone “born” in this town, who, by virtue of birthplace has more “more invested and at stake” than outsiders, I’m surprised you would make the blanket statement that the races in Montclair have “peacefully coexisted for generations”.

    I will only point to the creation of the magnet school system, its fallout, and the Federal Decree Montclair operated under for years as proof that perhaps, your statement should include a qualifier.

    I guess they don’t test those “born” in this town.

  38. “A lot more invested and at stake” I challenge that. To choose to paper over the problem is to be an enabler. I’m not remotely racist, but have an inherent preference for order rather than chaos. I’m simply critical of criminals.

  39. I simply await what should have by now the inevitable appearance of croiagusanam to settle everyone’s hash in this debate with his special blend of scorn and atrabiliousness.

    But perhaps he’s simply threading tissue paper through a wire mesh float frame in preparation for a Fourth of July parade somewhere. And whistling “There’s A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere” while he works.

    The issue of race in consideration as to who commits crimes, and why, is a tricky, obviously immediately divisive topic. (One usually ignored, too, except as an occasion at times for exculpatory bluster, by the likes of the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton.) But it should never be forgotten that the poor of any color and origin statistically suffer most from the depredations of others. This applies, I’d guess, equally well to both Montclair and Newark. And even to Texarkana and Vicksburg.

    To all, nonetheless, wishes for a truly glorious, contemplative and amicable Fourth! As well as a relatively (at the very least) crime-free one. It’s an especially good day to watch the movie “Glory,” which reminds painfully of a time when the races were in fact united in dying for an important, patriotic cause.

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