Montclair Police Blotter: Stolen Office Equipment, Mail, IPad, Android, Nikes, And Dodge Caravan

The following report was provided by Detective Lieutenant Angel L. Roman Jr., Detective Bureau Commander, Montclair Police Department, for the week of 07-23-2013:


On 07/16/2013 at 0951 hours, officers responded to a Greenwood Avenue business on a theft report. The caller informed officers that several items were missing from their office suite. She advised that there was no forced entry and everyone that worked in the office uses a number code that is punched in to access the suite. Sometime between July 15th at 1705 hours and July 16th at 0920 hours the following items were stolen:

a black projector (valued at $500.00 unknown make/mode) was taken out of her unlocked office, a DVD player (valued at $200.00 unknown make/model) was taken out of the unlocked conference room, a black and grey Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop (valued at $399.00) and Dell docking station ($100.00) were taken from another cubicle.

Anyone with information contact Det. J. Anderson at 973 509 4706.

On 07/17/2013 at 1830 hours, officers responded to the 300 block of North Fullerton Avenue on a possible burglary. The homeowner informed officers that she left her residence at approx 1640 hours and returned at 1815 hours. As she approached her front door she noticed a small glass panel had been broken on the right side of the door. The panel was just underneath her mail slot. Reaching through this window pane allowed access to the mail slot. At the time of the report nothing could be confirmed missing but she believed mail had been taken.

On 07/18/2013 at 0149 hours, officers took responded to the 30 block of Willowdale Avenue on a stolen motor vehicle. The owner stated he parked his green 1998 Dodge Caravan in his driveway on July 17th at 1300 hours. At approx 0115 hours he went to the bathroom when he heard his vehicle started up. He went outside to check on the vehicle and it was gone. There were no signs of broken glass or damage in the driveway. The owner informed officers the vehicle was locked and that no one had a spare key to the vehicle.

On 07/18/2013 at 0943 hours, officers responded to Raymond’s Diner on Church Street on a theft report. The caller informed officers that while he was eating he placed is iPad on the window ledge. The iPad was stolen from the ledge between 0845 and 0905 hours.

On 07/19/2013 at 1407 hours, officers responded to the North Fullerton Parking Deck (level 2) on a theft report. The caller informed officers that at approx 1245 hours he placed his clothes and gym bag in unlocked locker at the YMCA white and went to work out. When he returned at about 1335 hours he realized his bag had been moved and rummaged through. His BMW key fab was missing as well as his silver dress watch. He went out to check his 2010 black BMW and found it had been rummaged through as well. Missing from the vehicle were his Android cell phone and a pair of prescription reading glasses. Anyone with information contact Det. J. Anderson at 973 509 4706.


On 07/15/2013 at 1728 hours, officers responded to a Franklin Avenue address on a burglary report. The caller informed officers that he was home all day and that approx 1200 hours he took a shower. While showering he heard some scratching noises coming from somewhere in the house. When he called out he heard someone running. He came downstairs to check what the noise was when he noticed a pair of sneakers in the kitchen and the side door open. At the time he believed it was relatives who were presently visiting from out of town. Later they realized that the sneakers were left behind as his NIKE Foamposite sneakers ($220 value) were missing. Also taken was his Uncles 1999 black Lincoln Town Car. The keys had been removed from the key rack. Entry was gained through a south side door of the home that had been left unlocked.

A Franklin Avenue neighbor also reported to officers that an attempt had been made to his home as he found a screen to a window in the rear yard damaged and removed. Entry was not gained. Anyone with information contact Det. Turner at 973 509 4724.

On 07/19/2013 at 2200 hours, officers responded to the 70 block of Forest Street on a burglary report. Officers were informed by the apartment resident that she left the apartment at 0730 hours and returned at 2145 hours. She found her apartment door damaged. There were pry marks and the frame damaged. At the time of the report she could not confirm anything missing from the apartment. Anyone with information contact Det. Turner at 973 509 4724.


On 07/18/2013 at 1430 hours, officers took a walk in report of vandalism. A Wilfred Street resident reported that some unknown person(s) removed a decorative wire fence from his property and threw it in the street. It occurred between 2000 hours on July 17th and 0600 hours on the 18th.


On 07/21/2013 at 0122 hours, officers responded to the area of 50 Greenwood Avenue on a motor vehicle striking several parked cars. Officers arriving were met by a female who informed officers that her grandson had taken her boyfriends vehicle without permission and had hit several parked cars in the area. As officers were speaking to her they observed her grandson in front of the apartment complex attempting to walk away. Officers stopped him and immediately detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. He became belligerent and was having difficulty walking. Several witnesses on scene stated they observed him operating the vehicle and striking the cars in question. 23 yr old David Blakely of Montclair was placed into custody and transported to headquarters. He failed several sobriety tests and was charged with DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident and driving while suspended. He was also charged by the owner of the vehicle with unlawful taking of a Motor Vehicle.

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  1. It’s been a busy yesr for Mr. Blakely:

    On 01/01/2013, at approx 0156 hours, officers were dispatched to the area of 50 Greenwood on the report of an individual carrying a knife. The subject was described as a black male wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and a red hooded sweatshirt. Officers encountered the subject in front of 50 Greenwood Avenue. The conducted a pat down search for weapons for officer safety and found an eight inch kitchen knife tucked in the waist line area of his pants. Twenty two year old David Blakely of Montclair was placed under arrest for Unlawful possession of a weapon.

  2. Anybody wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and black jacket should be stopped and searched. Same goes for red hats, red & black beaded necklaces with red and black Jordans, etc..

  3. Ah yes, Union Gardens- the blue Housing Projects by the Post Office. Any way we can have these demolished? The guys posted up in the courtyard all seem to resent the niceness of the town encroaching upon their hood. Perhaps some section 8 vouchers in Irvington can be arranged?

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